Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cottages Cottages and more Cottages

Here are a few of the cottages I have done on Tybee Island. Names like "Southern point of View", "Splash Shack", "Sea biscuit" "Fish Camp", "Hemingway" "Palm Cottage" "Tybee Shutters" "Braun/Coleman Cottage. The really great thing.... most of them were saved from being torn down and others were new to feel old.

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Kathi said...

LOVE them all!

Anonymous said...

It must be such a pleasure to see your 'portfolio' living and and thriving!

Melissa said...

I adore your style! Love, love, love when we get the chance to stay in Tybee, especially in a cottage you had a hand in!

Jane said...

Lovely cottages. They truly fit Tybee... Now...Please show us the insides!!!

Jane (artfully graced)

Robin said...

I was in tybee 12yrs ago or so, when the sailing part of the olympics where in savannah. It was cute then but I would love to see your work it is just amazing.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Jane,
I just adore all the cottage's you have restored..They each have a charm of their very own! and each one seems to speak of times gone by.
There is something so magical and romantic about each of your cottages. When I first saw your cottages with their pretty and festive color, I knew it was a place I would like to stay.
I follow your blog and enjoy each of your posts very much.
Have a sweet day! Hugs~Elizabeth

mydesignchic said...

I adore ALL of your cottages...such charm and character!!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog.
I owe your big time for Splash Shack. It is pure heaven for us.
We have such wonderful memories and many more to come.