Monday, November 7, 2011

Beach Front Jewel

Hi friends. It's Crystal here. You know that crazy chick that always starts a blog, grows tired of it and  poof it's gone. Yep! That's me, and you have my permission to refer to me as crazy Crystal from this point on. It has been a while since I guest blogged on here and I've got some vintage beach goodness for you today. My hubby and I recently celebrated our anniversary on the GA coast. We started out at St. Simons Island and wrapped things up over at Jekyll Island. While my hubby has visited both Islands, I had never had the pleasure. And now after visiting them both I can honestly say my heart is with Tybee Island 100%!

While we were visiting St. Simons Lighthouse we found a diamond in the rough. It's located directly across from the lighthouse office. Does this have JANE COSLICK written all over it or what? To see the entire image on the ones that are cut off, just click on the image to enlarge. 
Beach front Property. You can see it needs lots of work. It's in pretty sad shape. But nothing Miss Jane couldn't conquer. I have no idea if it's for sale or not. It was empty and the door was cracked open a bit just inviting me in for a spell. My husband on the other hand was against it and kept reminding me that I would be trespassing. TRESPASSING??? I didn't see any "No Trespassing" signs. If I had been alone I would gone in. Men! Pfftt!!

Shooting through the screen. I always love using this method. I think it gives such a dreamy effect.
 Love the french doors
The side

I was able to peek through some of the windows and see into the kitchen. It was very outdated, but it did have a cool farmhouse sink.
I love how the sun is peeking through the trees in this one. I can't believe I was up that early. 
Well that's it for my guest post. I hope you enjoyed seeing this delightful little cottage. I sure hope someone can save it. It would be such a shame to see it go to waste. Thank you, Jane for having me.  


Kathi said...

I can see the beauty here! I guess we are the few, but the creative!
I would have gone inside regardless. LOL

JANET said...

I have always wanted a little beach house just like that. Love it and of course Jane would have to do it up for me. I would have gone in also!

Katy said...

sigh. Those are the best kind of houses -- they look like they could tell stories. I wonder why anyone would own a little house like that and leave it abandoned!

Julienne said...

Oh dear I have been looking for just that cottage for ages....pity it is on the other side of the world!!!!!!

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Oh this cottage could be adorable! I hope it is saved too! I also love Tybee Island Beach, just visited there this week....Feel free to hop over to my blog....I have some photos of Tybee......

I am a new follower of your blog.

pedalpower said...

This is just the perfect little cottage...the kind I'd love to own and fix up one day.