Friday, June 1, 2012

See Jane Work!

Hi Friends,

Happy Friday! This is Crystal again. Okay show of hands please! How many of you have wondered what the Designer Diva's office looks like? Well sit tight because I have a treat for you today. I sweet-talked Jane into letting me take and post some images from her office. I thought some of you might like a little peeksie too. But before I get on with the tour, I just want to remind everyone that the deadline for the Summer Giveaway is today at noon sharp. If you haven't commented yet, click on this link to get your name in for a fabulous pillow sham and her book, Cottages.

Most of Jane's work is done at a client's home. And for those times that she has to come into the office and do boring things like paperwork here is where she goes.
Her office is very unassuming, and is located in the breath taking district of Isle of Hope.
No matter what angle you stand at it's simple gorgeous. I love all the Spanish moss dripping from the oak trees. It speaks to my heart and I feel very at home when I'm surrounded by it.
This is the house next door to her office. 
Won't you a seat!
Meet Lance. Or, as I lovingly nicked named, Lancy Pants. I wanted to bring him back home with me. 
Jane pays attention to even the smallest details. Look at this color paired with black and white zebra rug. LOVE IT!

Be still my heart. This is the view from Jane's desk. Seriously, who could get any work done looking out of a beautiful window like this. Reminds me of a Thomas Kincade calendar.

I think she must own every book on decorating known to man. 
I fell in love with this little chandy. It's so petite and darling. 
Love the owl lamp from West Elm. 





tammy j said...

always a penny or a pound late!
i missed your lovely giveaway. but i have to say once again anyway, what a simple joy your blog is.
you live an enchanted life on your tybee island... and you share it with us so generously and beautifully. i know it's work to keep a blog like this so fresh...
and it is appreciated.
i was hungry for color in my life... both clothes and home... and you opened that door for me!
thank you jane coslick!!!
tammy j

Kathi said...

Jane's office is a surprise to me. I imagined a cottage like the ones she designs.

I can see how the simplicity of black and white can leave her mind free of clutter so she can think clearly.

Love the bedroom! The view out the window is so serene. Looks like a peaceful place to create.

Thanks for sharing your office Jane! Now I can see where you dream and do such wonderful things!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Love it all! Keep working Jane...Keep working!