Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Beach House circa 1930 Tybee Island

Hurrah Hurrah hurrah....

A project complete....the main house  photos..

  beautiful old window with original wavy glass 
beautiful wood walls and ceilings 

the previous owner changed out the front door..not good!!!! looking for a great old one that will fit in the style of the house
we picked a nice color until we find the Perfect front door!!!1
high ceilings and lots of white with splashes of color

long white fabric panels and  a view of the porch

spending time in this wonderful

a mix of old and new....

coral, turquoise, and green bedroom
old window with beach house "to do " list

a high iron bed is great for sweet dreams

yellow , green and turquoise room
down stairs bedroom red navy and yellow

bunk beds
dining room
the all  important outdoor shower!!!!
the the best part....the porch

This was a wonderful project and will be a wonderful place for a vacation...think I will rent it for   my sisters and brother and my nieces and nephews..( since my cottage is 612 square feet)


Sunflowers With Smiles said...

Jane, adorable cottage. Just love the plank walls and ceilings and the various splashes of color with the whites.

Donna-Leigh said...

I love the orange accents... and I am not normally an "orange" gal! And, if you decide to get rid of that front door, I would be interested in it! ;-)

Ron said...

I love the cottage, Jane.

Katy said...

love it - esp that blue green and coral bedroom! this isn't the 2nd ave house is it??

Unknown said...

yes 1103 2nd and a tybee vacation rental.

JANET said...

Once again love it! do you sell the old window with the beach writings on them. I have spoted them in several of your cottages. I am interested in one. I checked your shop and could not find it.

GoldenValley50 said...

Love absolutely everything about this cottage. Curious about the window "art". Is this painted on the glass or stickers? Great look. ;)Sharyne

Unknown said...

painted on the old windows..

Kathi said...

Fabulous house! I love everything you've done! :D

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

What a beautiful space! You make it look easy, and I know it's more complicated than that to get a simple end result.

Unknown said...

that is righ 1103 second ave had serious issues and it has taken 6 months of work just to corect the problems with the electrical and plumbing.

Denise Marie said...

It sure looks awesome!