Saturday, May 11, 2013

A House Not Yet Designed....

A very special cottage in the making...
It begins with an idea...and a vacant piece of land with an old shed that is falling down . So many trees on a quiet street on a laid back island.
New beginning ..
How many bedrooms?
Closets.(.his and her closets) work the best
Dishwashers?( two are better than one. One for the clean dishes for the dirty dishes. Never have to unload the dishwasher to reload.. Dishwashers are less expensive than lots of cabinets.....
unique furniture ..some old some new.
the perfect coffee table for feet!!!  ( an Anna Lee photograph)
Great art
Comfortable places to sit
Wide screen porches....porches are as important as kitchens in my opinion
Wood floors
Lots of windows
Kitchen for cooking and entertaining
Wooden walls
A place for pondering and garden tools and the lawn mower
A work shed for flowers or oyster shell lamp making
A place for  the beach chairs and golf cart
A fabulous outdoor shower
A picket fence
People only live in 10 percent of their house size should never be the most important thing
Spend your money where you spend your time.............focus on those spaces
A place to build a great fire. both inside and outside
A place for oyster roast and watching Georgia football games
A turquoise or red or orange or yellow fridge (optional)
a new house that  has the soul of an old house ( A Richard Leo Johnson photograph)
Wooden walls..( in case you  didn't get it the first time )
Unique pieces of something make it your own

Here is Anna ...with an old piece that she and her husband Monty bought to use in the new house.
She and I had seen it in a friend's work space and I said when I saw it .".Call me if you ever decide to sell these pieces!!!!"

So many decisions to make and so much shopping for wonderful thing to fill the empty  spaces
Shop wisely
Never rush the decision making
Ponder... Ponder ...Ponder
Hire qualified people to help in the process
Takes advantage of the Christmas Gift of Design from your friend!!!
If you love to take a bath go to the showroom and lay  down in the different tubs ....soaking is an art!
Monty with  one of the two vintage cabinets

Anna with the other piece they purchased

When school is out Anna, Richard Leo Johnson, and I will be working on a new book. We may  just make Monty in charge of the finances for it.
  Maybe we will take some pictures of the new house when it is done and add them to the book.
A very busy summer ahead......


carolyn said...

Love your tip about house size- and only living in 10% of what you have. There is something so comforting about a small, cozy space!

Can't wait to see what you've got cooking-

Happy Mother's Day-

JANET said...

That is my favorite kitchen of all time. I looked all over for that tile last year when doing our little kitchen, which is just the right size for us, and I never did find it. We major down sized last year and moved to Florida. Best decision we ever made. That is true that you only use a small portion of your home. Now I have to have a huge yard sale to get rid of the rest of the stuff. Ha!

Jane Coslick said...

Should have called me I have ita