Monday, October 28, 2013

Cottage Style Magazine and The Coral Cottage

I still can't get the hang of my Mac Book so I write and blog post and then never get them 
posted.( they seem to disappear  into thin air before they are posted). It has been like learning to blog for the first time.
Well, Eleanor  to the rescue and here goes...

Cottage Style magazine wrote a story about The Coral Cottage in its newest issue.  
The cottage is a vacation rental on Tybee island with Tybee Cottages

I took this original window out of the dumpster  and made them a sign as their client gift.
Leonard Miller wrote my favorite saying on it….
"Beach House ocean air thru open on wood floors
A special place in time...

          The clients ,Vicky and Henry Patton, weren't scared to take on such a major under taking and I was delighted to help because I had spent many summer nights in the cottage as a child with my childhood girlfriends. Tybee memories are great memories.
Vicky Patton is the ultimate bargain shopper. She is great on the internet with all the deal making shopping sites. One day I will get her to show me the sites when things slow down in my world.
Everyone was so excited about this little place finding some one to love it. Our island has its share of places that need someone to love  them and renovated them.
With the increase of development in coastal towns, the risk to these small and unpretentious  cottages
of being torn down is on an increase. Our little beach town is a residential neighborhood and the negative feelings of our city officials  toward these simple dwellings … "They can't see the forrest for the tree" so to speak. These cottages are part of the our unique Tybee Island  charm. They bring revenue to the city and visitors and good energy to the island.
I am thinking about using my new van to have cottage tours to educated and encourage people to buy, restore and experience the uncomplicated  happy little island life.

One day  I may need the blogger world to help me in my task. Sending positive energy and thoughts to all your followers. More on that later.



Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Happy colors, INDEED! What a great spread for a fab cottage!!

Jane Coslick said...

Hey thanks..miss you

Vicky said...

Thanks for your expertise and for your encouragement, advice and support when things were stressful! I truly appreciate you.

Amanda Sirotzki said...

Hi I am inquiring as to how to purchase the window sign that says, 'Beach House open air....etc." I found it while looking through HGTV magazine and really loved it. If you could lead me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks!

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