Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sailing The Sea with Anna Lee...

Tybee now has a charter school…Tybee Island Maritime Academy..
Anna ( the assistant that the good Lord sent my way several years ago) is the art teacher and creative director(the name I have given her) at the school. They had a dinner to raise money for the new school  and her job was turning the gym into  a fine dining spot. The chef's of Elizabeth's on 37th street in Savannah have a son at the school and they are creating food magic and fundraising . Anna is creating her magic with flowers, local greenery,  shells and found objects. The art of her students just make everything perfect.
I am  always ready to help brighten up everything with happy colors and simple accents.
The food was amazing and…A GREAT TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!!!!!

We are so lucky to have the Maritime  Academy on our island .

Anna and some of the other teacher took time out to help wait tables and Elizabeth's on 37th and some of their staff donated this amazing

Here is some of the work done by Anna's students..

Their use of color is so pure and beautiful...

A great sign in the hallway of the school

the door to Anna classroom .. if those art happy colors…..

more of their art projects ..soon I am taking them on a field trip of some of the cottages and they will then make their own

The gym was transformed into fine dining…thanks to Anna's talent and the wonderful skill of the chef's at the restaurant .

blues and whites and and natural greenery make it look wonderful

  white hydranga's ,roses and tulips

student tea pots on the coffee bar furnished by the Coffee Bean coffee shop on the island

Anna's painting ..the next fund raiser piece..  anyone can bid …..(I will be posting it)
the entrance to the gym

Welcome to Elizabeth's on Tybee

more creative things from Anna

found wood and snail shells

nature.. natural.. and beautiful

everything from the island..simple and natural and Anna can mix things just right!!

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