Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Tybee Island Wedding Chapel Expands…..

The Tybee Wedding Chapel is expanding with a new reception hall. Here are a few photos of the work being done. Catskill Builders (who moved the cottage that need a home (Doc Holiday Cottage) and the Big Tuna Cottage ) is working night and day  to get it completed for an upcoming event.
It is so beautiful even in this phase of the work. The chandeliers will be up soon ..and then "here come the brides, china painters and anyone else who wants make some great memories on out little island"

the original steeple is being used for this ...

working working working and they do great work..!

the boss…..Anthony Sapone  


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BeachGypsy said...

love the photos and loved the previous ones of the pretty blue truck too!!!