Saturday, March 19, 2016

Picking Colors……When your favorite color is White!!!!

It is now time to get serious about the colors of the cottage  called Maddies Beachside Cottage.The owners have left all decisions to me to select the color and fabrics and furniture. There is one large pecan tree on the property and shades and trees are always a consideration when selecting colors.
The ocean is 1/2 block away ( the "information hut" I designed for the city of Tybee) is close by

location! location! location!
 I had thought about bright and Happy colors…………………….

accents against a white cottage

Definitely a funky outdoor space

My colors

my newest color "beachy keen green"
or maybe a new mix of something  more goldish and flamingo coral

My  personal favorite color is WHITE!!! I love it's simple calm unassuming nature…………...

White interiors most of all!!! ( RICHARD  JOHNSON PHOTO)
So My thoughts are many and my decision is still up in the air…or still in the paint can!!!
One large tree(with no leaves) a parking lot to the left and right of this  historic little cottage.
What is a girl to do??


There is a new and wonderful tin roof on the cottage.


lynn cockrell said...

A simple white background always makes a great canvas for those beautiful and bright accent colors. I have been leaning more and more lately toward the gray and blue whites. That flamingo fabric is wonderful!

Connie/FL said...

Can't wait to see what you do with this one! I love that flamingo fabric too. I'd love to tag along with you when you're shopping!

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

I love bright colors against white walls and white furniture. I know what you do will be cute as a button!!

Bee Lady said...

When I looked at all the bright beachy colors the feeling I got was fun! Fun, beachy, flip flops, flouncy hat, and straw bag on the beach with an umbrella in a drink fun. When I saw the white on white, I felt peaceful, sitting on the porch with a book, wearing a white gauzy flowy top and some capris, maybe a little shopping, watching the sunset with a grown up clear drink and some good conversation. I know, no help. It's a mood thing!

Cindy Bee

sharon oler said...

Oooooh I can't wait to see the afters!
Thank you!

tammy j said...

you are amazing.
and you listen to old houses.
i think it will tell you what to choose.
just as all the others have that you have given new life to!
i too love white with splashes of vibrant color. i crave it.
i cannot wait to see your genius!
i don't use that word lightly!

Connie said...

I absolutely love all the fun and happy colors. This post put a smile on my face :) I was visiting Cindy,"The Bee Lady from Hilltop", when I saw your comment. I had to come check out your blog and now I am your newest follower. I do hope that you will visit my blog and possibly follow me back. I love making new blogging friends. We live in a small Northwestern desert farm community and exteriors are pretty neutral although I do add touches of red where I can. The interior of my Art Barn is another story, I have been adding more and more color all the time . . . it's my happy place and a fun place to hide out and quilt and craft in the cold winter months.
Happy to meet you!

Catherine said...

I am so glad to see this cottage being renovated! I've always thought it needed some of your love.

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