Saturday, January 19, 2013

Island Dog Cottage

If you love screen porches as much as I do, Island Dog Cottage is your kind of place. It has an amazing screen porch that sits in the trees and even a day bed for sleeping. The cottage was built in the 1980's and is a TYBEE COTTAGES vacation rental It is pet friendly complete with a cottage style dog house....
It has lavender kitchen cabinets  this years..four years ago they were green. When we replace the sofa's we may just paint them again.
Note: When the kitchen begins to look tired and worn... add some color!!! Even if it is just on the base cabinets.
I love the mix of of art and vintage furniture and "tybee mall" finds(things off the side of the road )
 I had not been in Island Dog for several years and so a bit of fluffing was in order....actually way past due!!!! Funny how purple and the lattice pattern and  gold/yellow yellow are "in" this year. These slipcover are 7 years old . I got the fabric for $7.00 a yard and it took 38 yards for the slip covers.  I am not about using the "latest" things or current trend but about good quality and good prices....and great bargins.

the living room

there is a wonderful Bellamy painting in the room  
and another in here.....oyster shells (wait until you see the before of this room)
fish and polka dots and black and white..timeless
these lamps were at the office and I thought they belonged here
will show you" the before"when I can figure out how to load the photo.
the blogger "thingie" is not letting me add things.( tearing my hair out)
lots of room for picnics  and  long conversations..on the porch
the view into the black and white bedroom from the living space
the view from the screen porch into the cottage
 and for  some reason can't upload porch or before photos..


Vicky said...

I'll try to help you Monday with the pictures. Island Dog is dog-gone gorgeous!

jmac said...

bloggers photo loader has been down since last fun! you
have to use the html loader and that one usually messes up your posting.....
love the cottage...

tammy j said...

i've been busy with the sale of my house. i haven't visited since peck was in danger.
i've just spent the last half hour literally SOAKING up the beauty that is your special blog. and catching up on all the news and luscious pictures.
and when i got down to the christmas post ~ and there was the beloved little face of peck looking up at me ~ and enjoying himself at the oyster barn! ~ well . . . tears!!! of happiness. i hope he's still doing alright.
love to you in this creative new year!!!
tammy j

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Island dog looks great, loving the blue & yellow
and those suitcases are awesome.

p.s. thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog,
I would love to contact the people and try and buy that house just simply don't have the $ if I did thou I would have you help decorate for sure !! :)