Sunday, June 9, 2013

The funky side of my work.

I have been  working on a few houses for the Tybee Tour of Homes( not to be confused with the winter cottage tour) which took place yesterday. I had two on the tour  and they were  so different I wonder if anyone notice I had done both of them..... I think today I am loopy and exhausted but I wanted to share a few photos .. to remember what I did. The tour was a great success.... the money going to the Tybee Food Bank and the new charter Maritime  Satellite School.
this is a Mermaid Cottage vacation rental called
Madlyns on the Marsh. 

before the pillow.... a bit of funky at the beach

how many polka dot outdoor showers have you seen before... they match the shutters which are also polka dot

I am SOOOOOO grateful to my friends at Celeadon Home in Mt Pleasant SC who  HAND delivered some things to  me...that I needed..Thank you thank you thank thank you
I LOVE  You forever ..and I love the beautiful things I bought there last week (cool little chair)

built in the 1950 . part of Palm Terrace  subdivisions  
I had Peter add little awnings over the windows and the swing for a little added fluffing ...( could someone move the tree to the left a bit for a better view of the marsh tee hee)

On the other end of the island, Wren's Nest, one  of the larger homes on the tour..I call it the Palace Cottage... it is one of my most favorite projects. It is now a vacation rental when my client is away for long periods of time.
the porch of many colors!!!!!

Everyone loved my Cottage colors on the paint brushes..(A conversation starter for certain)

In love with this ginger ..

 forgot the other photos are on the ipad....

 Next week there is magic in the room in the clouds that I am 
designing for a bed and breakfast on Tybee. Of course it all begins with white and the view at the top will feel like heaven...We painted a turquoise runner on the stairs to the room and soon we will be draping the bed in netting and adding the finishing touches. (will share the process)

 one the new swivel chairs from GDC in comfy

how wonderful is this place and this face!!!!!
stay tuned..


A Whole Lotta Magic said...

Than is one FABULOUS face!!!!!


Jane said...

Beautifully FUN homes!

Anonymous said...

what a great job that you have done..i am so impressed and i love the style of the house..simple but very elegant in style..

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Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Jane....You just never stop, do ya?

Kayakbanker said...

love them all ! Your magic has done it again.