Friday, December 13, 2013

An Island Cottage Adventure

I have been fascinated my how different the cottages are and I know that is because all the clients are so unique.The tour was a great success everyone one had different favorites in rooms and  cottages .It was for a very good cause,the Humane society of Savannah , and I would love to hear from people what was their cottage..pillow..decoration.......
Unfortunately I got sick and was out of the picture for part of the not sure what the buzz was about.
I took a few photos ..of our island Christmas. .....lots of color beyond tradition red and green.(but we had red and green also)
at Blue bird Inn

Spooky on her island Christmas colors taking care of her mommy

Christmas tree cut of of old screen( a great recycle)

On of my favorite pieces of folk art at Blues Away cottage

the living room at Coast Awhile Cottage

Dr. Holiday cottage

Blues Away cottage

touches of turquoise and white and natural and starfish

reflections at southern tides

simple and natural at Southern tides

the double queen room that once was a porch at Southern Tides Cottage.
that wonderful old house is beginning to glow..

on loan from my friend Nancy Heriot  

My friend Suzanne Everette made several  arrangements for the cottage
  I just want to say..My friends mean the world to me .They always just appear as the events are near and like little elves they do their magic.. Thank You... Thank you ....thank you ....for everything you do and for being there for me always.
the most beautiful tree and ornaments at Blues Away Cottage.. (I will share more photos of Blues Away very soon)

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