Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Love A Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed folds down from the wall. You don't see to many of them these days but I have always wanted to have one. If I decide to add on to "99steps to the beach" I will have one in my studio ..Atlantic  ocean... front and center... One room.. one desk.. one sofa screen porch closet bath.. one Murphy bed.

Here is a Murphy Bed in one of my fun and wonderful happy projects ..looks like a  regular wall with art hanging on it ..  This is actually the bottom of the bed. It is located between  two built in bookcases.

I moved the art..
this one is a king size bed
I moved the two chairs to the corners of the room
the bed is a unit with one row of book cases

the Murphy bedroom is located near this great area
this is the 'real ' bedroom is down the hall
the  bath tub awaits  ....
singing in the shower while watching the sun rise over the ocean..
not a bad way to begin a day.
If you want to ponder having a Murphy bed here is a link 


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Sometimes you buy yourself a present or two presents or three or four or more!!!!!
..... My friends have a new line of jewelry.. Found Objects made into wonderful one of a kind pieces of unique jewelry. Their first spring show is tomorrow at 1 Noble Glenn Drive Savannah GA I bought myself 4 pieces .. Oh,Well.. hard to decided..could have bought them all !!!!
I love the cute little hand made jewelry  bags

the earring tree
great cuff bracelets
coral found on the beach
the beauty of nature 
so many earring
necklaces of leather and chain
horn, bone and coral and jewels
8 am until 8 pm..tomorrow   .....Time to Shop 

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Progress Report For the Cottage That Needs a Home.

On July 5th last 2012, I posted about a cottage that needed  a home.   Here is an update of the cottage at it's new location . It is a beautiful lot with wonderful trees and a view of one of Tybee Islands great parks.
 It is now time for decisions.... new windows( the original ones are long gone,)  door swings, colors , counter tops, cabinets, bath room floor tile and placement of furniture. In small space planning is very important.

 it was raised 8' to meet Fema coastal guide lines
we will design a great underpinning and outdoor shower for the cottage

it feels like a tree house.. very special.. has amazing energy

looks rough but is headed for a wonderful "makeover"
the vinyl siding was removed and the great original color was exposed

did you know,, small custom windows are more expensive

original window  on the front of the house was covered with vinyl siding ..It needs it to be a window once again and we need to lose the ugly storm door.....

should we try to keep the wall paper? just kidding .. the wall is
going to be gone and there will be an open floor plan. the kitchen will
become a bedroom and the bedroom will become a kitchen

time to do the dishes ....tee hee

back stairs

this space will be a laundry room and 1/2 bath connector

the old wood siding

 I really like the green color with the black shutters

side view facing our great park.
This amazing cottage is  very special!!!!! Thanks so much to the Patton's for taking the cottage, to Braswell Brothers for moving it here safely and to Catskill Builders for doing the renovation . The "Magic" is just beginning...
Stay tuned

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rainy Day Sunshine......

A rainy rainy day again so I took my camera and went for a walk. ( I realized I dont I love walking in the rain)

The wonderful Tybee Shutters Cottage was in my path and seeing it again definitely brightened the day.
The owners were in town and I had been there earlier discussing a few projects for the upcoming months. Hopefully one day they will be here full time . They  love Tybee and will be an asset to our little island...and did I mention they are animal lovers..willing to help with the cause. They have a rescue dog, named Sam. and 8 indoor kitties.
Old original shutters from a home on back river were offered to us during the renovation. We used them as a headboard in the master bedroom , as the outdoor shower surround and everyplace we could.

the tree motif is unusual  on our island. I called the family who owned the house but they did not know why their grandmother chose this
 a picket fence ,an outdoor shower, an ocean breeze, a screen porch, a few back river chairs and bright happy colors....
the Perfect formula!!!!!
a touch of melon on the skinny benches is the perfect contrast.....

faking a window where we needed one... with the shutters
the tiny storage shed.. waiting for bright red geraniums!!!!!


see the original hardware on the shower..LOVE THIS!!!!
now the shutters are the outdoor shower door.
even the clothes line is great with the shells
handrail details
fence art....
the back screen  porch full of red and white striped Sunbrella panels....