Friday, July 29, 2011

My Shed ..My Shed... Is there hope for you?

I have a shed and very little money in the budget for this project. The location is great and I could store things in it BUT I would rather create a wonderful "pondering space". I have to remember I have two additions in the works at my office and one at my beach cottage SO I am holding back as best I can................
Did I mention part of the shed is NOT on my lot so that does complicate things a bit more. My son and his wife live next door and the rest of the structure is on their lot.
Years ago wooden boats were built here and so the energy  is amazing . The giant limbs of the  moss covered oak trees hang gracefully over the old structure.
 I have two window boxes in the shed and lots of old windows and my twig headboard (that I miss very much) and some old shutters. My wheels are turning turning turning....I own these things so no money out of pocket.
It is screaming for a tin roof but that must wait ..........


Monday, July 25, 2011

My New Guest Room....I may just move right in!!!!!

I had not planned to work on a guest room but I bought this bed from a good friend who was having a house sale. I hadn't planned to use it, but "in my world" putting it together is the best way to keep all the pieces in one place.
I may tie some soft panels on the sides and back and if it turns out as I think it will.......I am moving in!!!!!!

I love white the most ..but then again I love bright happy colors like the ones in this quilt.

I love big down filled euros . The pin on the black and white stripe euro is made from fabrics from old prom dress purchased from good will.( how cool and creative of someone to recycle ) It matched the quilt's  bright flowers so I took it off my dress and  added  it for a touch of whimsy .

This could all  move into the room IF there WAS any room....

The mirrors came from Nadeau are hanging there until they also find a permanent home.They are made to look old but are new. The old piece of architecture above them  is from a very special time in life and adds warmth and interest to the space.

Can you see me?  I am reflected  in the top right mirror. 

 I inherited the tables from my grandmother  and the lamps are glass and wire with black silk shades. This room wasn't planned but sometimes a change of plans are just the perfect thing!!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wonderful Things at Market..............

SO MUCH TO SEE AND DO AND SO LITTLE TIME...... . My Tom Tom navigational system has dementia  so we even got  lost going to Ikea and the fabric stores after market closed.
Good news....Athropologie just opened by the fabric stores and of course we just HAD to go that store! 

COOL STUFF AT MARKET.....................

I met some great people and saw some old friends. A peek at a few more things............................

Sunday, July 17, 2011

To Market ...To Market . to See What's New!!!!

Headed to Atlanta Georgia to the to the  International Home furnishings Market. Getting lost is what I do best and this place is so large that I am always getting lost.  I am what you might call "Directionally Challenged".
Am I looking for new old things or old new things ? That is food for thought...
I promise I will take some photographs and share with you.
 Speaking of sharing ,had to share one more photo from our styling because we made a run to my storage unit and added my antique red drum as the coffee table.
I have a  few new projects ahead of me so I am taking time for this "pondering" road trip. I will be gone  less than 48 hours so I can't get into to much trouble.
Going to order room service and sleep late for sure!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

To Style or not to Style.....Anna's Talent

Anna Speir helped with the Coastal Living Photo Shoot.  She is out of school for a few more weeks and it was amazing as always. After the shoot we decide to style some more. Here are some images from a wonderful house that is for sale . We had a ball playing with a few of   the great spaces in the house.
Surround yourself with  the things you love and it will always feel like home.

mix it up and it will never be mundane

A few things from Grandmother's house

Anna's talent made this a great  "mantle-scape"  (made up that word)
Nature is a great design tool when mixed with the things you love.
concrete counter tops, tall ceilings and beautiful black cabinets for display

a mix of the old,the  new and the  unique it!!!

a beautiful master bedroom

back stairs as beautiful as the front stairs...
window boxes make everything inviting

love the different neutrals and textures (and the special Anna oyster shell lamps)

a beautiful entrance

Love it!!!!

Anna wired oyster shells to a chandelier

close up of the mantle

My favorite shot.. the Bellamy is 60"X48" and was a surprise Christmas gift for Anna. Love the turquoise touch.................

my old metal side table with the lamp ( a great mix)

A "styled" pantry for the open house on Sunday

close up of the counter tops

another of my favorite possessions serving a great purpose

love ,,love love it!!!!!

how smart is that girl!!!!!!!

my favorite old blue stool and the new lamp with the great shade...crazy about this room

the owners cowboys boots and his guitar

again, the mix of new and old..( and very old)  above all the wonderful down euros and pillows.
Anna and I are definitely are  "Pillow People" and loved styling this shot.

close up of shells on chandelier ....another "one of a kind" from the multi-talented Anna Speir

one last peek at the front of the is the number of the company  that has it listed for sale .