Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ready for Sleepy People

The cottage 'Madelyn's By The Marsh" is finally finished and ready for guests. This is the other bedroom, complete with my client's Ralph Lauren twin purple sheets that I mentioned in an earlier blog. I found a very good home for them and the room is now complete and ready for dreaming!

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Made in the Shade" Shutter Headboard

Sorry for not keeping up with the blog, but my "day job" (as a designer) keeps me very busy these days as this is the busy time of season. I create "vacation fun" for clients who want a Jane Coslick Cottage.

This little two-bedroom cottage, located right on the marsh on Tybee Island, was given to me to finish 3/4 of the way through the renovation. Everything was beige!!!! I love beige, don't get me wrong, but subtle beauty wasn't going to create the "happiness factor" for this little spot. With the beige, I inherited purple sheets (Ralph Lauren) and a rust-colored sofa. We are "designing on a nickle" for those of you who watch Design on a Dime!

What I do in a case like this? RUN WITH IT!

With the help of some Jane Coslick Cottage Shutters turned into a headboard, a few thing from my secret stash, and a few "hand me ups" from the client, I surprised even myself with how it all turned out. It definitely has "the smile factor" and can be rented through .

When I learn to load more that one photo, I'll show the other bedroom complete with purple RL sheets.

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Stay tuned!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A day late!!!!

No Accessories here...YET

Sorry for dropping off the face of the Blogosphere, but I've been busy with a design deadline.

To pick up where we left off...THIS (pictured in the Blog above) is the garage behind the cottage. It's close enough to the cottage to become the "guest room." Right now, it looks like a garage and it feels like a garage, BUT with a little love and the right ACCESSORIES it will expand the areas around the cottage. Eventually it will be at the end of the patio, near the gazebo, down a tiny path. Then the tiny cottage WILL hold all the" friends and family," kind of like a bunk room: simple and kind of like girl scout camp (as I remember it), but with the designer touch.

I design around my clients needs. This is a wonderful, close-knit family, but I can't fit them all in a 780 square-foot cottage. When we finish, they'll be spending time all over the property: on the patio, on the rope swing, in the hanging bed, on the bar stools, sofas, chairs, and in all the nooks and crannies. How cool is that!!!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Exterior Accessories

Let me start with outside accessories. Nothing is more pleasant than driving up to your cottage after a hard days work and seeing fun shutters and window boxes (full of flowers)! It's a lot like "comfort food," but without the calories!

Shutters that are not screwed flat to the wall but blocked out from the wall or hinged (making them functional). I am not big on the S hook to hold the shutters because they are a distraction. I prefer screen door latches that are inexpensive and hidden. These shutters are called "Stars of the Sea" and can be found on the online store ( They can be bought unpainted or in a selectin of my colors, or customized in your favorite color, motif, and size. They are made of cypress in the North Georgia by a wonderful craftsman, Glenn Wilson.

Hint: They can als be used as interior accessories, but in a different form...more on that later!

What shall we plant in the window boxes? There's shade, but a bit of afternoon sun.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Small but Comfortable Sofa

The secret to furnishing a true-to-size cottage is SIZE! There's only space for things that are comfortable and don't take up much room! You'll need space for small book cases for wonderful books or to display your personal treasures (I just happen to carry two such bookcases on the online

Smaller size end tables or maybe a chest to hold place mats, napkins, or overflow from any other part of the house. Small trunks also make nice coffee tables while providing storage at the same time ( I also just happen to carry these things on the store but they aren't up yet).

Comfortable beds and night stands with storage (also on JCCC). Comfortable dining chairs that can double as extra seating in the living room. Old chairs that can be slip covered are always a favorite of mine. Last, but most important of all is the art on the wall.....( Yes, you guessed it...some of it is on the store and some is still in the creative brain of our artists and coming soon to the store).

Here I am shopping in Charleston for a comfortable sofa. Anna and I escaped for the day to see what could be loaded in the truck and driven (between rain drops) back to the beach.

Next: Accessories! The "icing on the cake" as far as I am concerned!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The new/old kitchen pantry

The cottage had been gutted by the time I was called on the project. Now, new simple kitchen cabinets have been installed but I added chicken wire in the "pantry" for a little surprise. I will add seashell knobs to the doors, which are also for sale on the Jane Coslick online store:

The floor plan is open and the kitchen is tiny but has all the necessities. I'll need to encourage the client to "simplify" --only bring the things you love the most!!!!!! The secret to a cottage is to NOT overfill it.

Stay tuned....