Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Favorite Bathroom

I have been working on a project outside of Steamboat Springs and just returned to Tybee Isand. This is a shot of my favorite Tybee bathroom. 
I also want to share some of the "South meets the West" photos but am just getting the hang of the blog so my Colorado pictures will appear in future posts. 
I am amazed how far the blogs reach around the world and I am delighted that so many can share in the work that I love so much . I have just recently learned about other blogs too which share the love of creating fun and fabulous things.

A Photo from the Marabou Project

A Great Chandelier

One of my favorite things for the West or the South and one of my favorite colors. I used two of these in the hallways off the master bedrooms at the ranch.

The South meets the West

I am just beginning to learn about blogging and how far around the world it reaches. I appreciate all the comments and sharing of the work that I love doing so much. Reading the blogs and learning about the people who share my love is amazing. I have been so busy with the Colorado project that I have had little time for the blogging adventure. My wonderful web designer and friend Beth Thrasher has been patient with my slow learning (and even slower typing). I will be sending her photos of the project to add to my site and I will try to blog often about the discoveries I make as I search for unique and fun thing for my clients.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Marabou

Marabou Ranch in Colorado

I just returned from Colorado where I completed a wonderful project. It is located in Marabou ( check out the website and I call it the" South meets the West". I may just trade my flip flops for cowboy boots. I will have photos on my website soon. Anna Speir, my most wonderful assistant, and I have a new camera so we had a grand time in that beautiful spot taking photos of nature and our creation.