Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cottage On The Green Tybee Island Ga

 A glimpse of the latest  magic little cottage.
Welcome to  Cottage on the Green

Tybee Island Georgia

A little red..a little yellow.. a little orange...a little pink..a little turquoise.. a little green ..a little black..a little gold.. and a whole bunch of white!!
We are not quite  finished but almost there...
Tweeking..fluffing.. returning.. ordering..adding .. taking away ..pondering and most of ALL enjoying how amazing it has turned out  THANKS consolidated services and chapman paintng,Russell Electric.Soloman Plumbing and Mason Petrea
What began as a mess..has become a masterpiece...
  The front twin bedroom is almost floor lamps..tiny tables and large  turquoise and white large bolsters
There are even indoor/outdoor shower to enjoy..anytime of the day or night.

Cottage on the Green is a duplex and you can visit here for more information:

fresh squeezed juice ....

More photos of everything and especially the  magical sleeping porch  ...coming soon
.  There are three  very nice size screen porches  at Cottage on the Green units A and B.. We are definitely "porch people" who want perfect porches!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hanging Beds at Julie Ann Farms

The hanging beds and the Room (I call Camp Ju Ju) are finished . I  love how it all came together with each element adding its own special detail. 

here's Julie!!!

close up detail

everything is reclaimed from an old building even the roofing material

never forget the party lights!!!

the swinging bead hang across from each other

the perfect handle
Julie love her sign and these are the pecans that the farm grows  ( yum yum) how about some pie
old wood for the swings and the fish detail was a nice added touch

view of the lake and the cypress outside light

beautiful flowers everywhere

what a beautiful spot..look like it has been there forever