Sunday, June 16, 2013

Elements of the Cottage On The Green !!!!

Sharing the elements of this "more than amazing" cottage.
It is two spaces and we can't decide which is our favorite. This is just a peek of both 

 kitchen space( stove has to be moved back after the cord is replaced)
love love love.....

I confess I am an old door junkie!!!!!

fresh white paint the back plates are  right side up .. 

original door ...original color

the interior old window.. oh  the  wavy old glass is the best!!

peeking at the fabrics and a piece or two of furniture

look at the beautiful old floors

oh great is this fabric!

yummy color

peeking thru the plastic at ruffled euro shams
waiting for our final inspections..before we unwrap the fabrics.. this IS peeking!! The general contractor was SO great... more on him later...

the cafe curtain  fabric
now a peek at unit B....... a bit different..............

I was worried about my client liking what I selected......."Hurrah " she loved them!!!!
'"THE sign" doing the space around  it to work with everything..small space needs special consideration
the other kitchen...

great sink!!!

new wood.... old feeling...old corbels
the pantry and the new sofa without the cover

waiting for the fabulous ruffled shower curtains,,,

the iron bed for the sleeping porch
porch ceiling   three wonderful

I am so lucky to have a client that loves what I love. Her daughter loves it and so does her wonderful grandson..
 one of the powder rooms ...adding a piece of trim down the corner between the  old boards and the new 

new that feels old...... thinking  of painting  the hinges white,,, so they don't show

rusty crusty.....

When I took these photos I was walking around  checking things and making lists (we call them punch list..if you don't do the things on the'll get punched...) only kidding..
As I walked  around looking at things I began to take pictures. When you see and feel it come together it is very emotional ..the noisy saws are quite , the busy carpenters, plumbers and electricians have moved on to  new projects. and now it is time for the soft furnishing....
For me,  time for reflection.. a time for being grateful for every one's hard work and cooperation , grateful for the client's trust and her wonderful  ideas.
I feel sad for it is coming to a close.. and elated  that the ideas have come to life....

The sum of all parts.(NOT JUST ONE THING).....makes things extraordinary!!!!
This historic building  restoration is a labor of love. It will soon be a cozy cottage.
stay tuned.....


Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

wow, loving all of the details, from the light fixtures to the fabric... total eye candy

Kathi said...

A true labor of love. I really really like those barn lights! Glass door knobs on old doors are one of my favorite things too. Can't wait to see how you fluff this one up! :D

jessica said...

Jane, fun pendant lights!

Vicky said...


Anonymous said...

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