Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hallloween ..Tybee Island Style

I love this silly holiday.....
  My sons always started planning their costumes in August and by Halloween they had at least 3 costumes   lined up... and ready to go for the big night.
I made Batman head gear,Captain American  outfits "Mommy,("Where are the muscles"), Mummy wraps, Dracula capes and face painting and the list goes on...
   HAPPY HALLOWEEN.......................from a few of my Tybee friends

Lewis Ave is the center for our Tybee trick or treat!!!

The owner of  Aj's restaurant is a lover of this holiday...he should have the AJ's haunted...a few of his many friends

My friend made a costume for her daughter Gracie ...reminds me of myself....

crazy cat lady...
( and that would be me)
I am crazy about  all the animals and so excited about the  upcoming  fundraiser for the low cost spay and neuter
Stay tuned for a preview...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sharing the talent of Cathy Jarmen...

Cathy Jarmen oozes talent and what she has done with her family beach cottage is so fabulous.
Her cottage is located 2 doors down from the wonderful  old beach house that got torn down .(I posted about it last week)
 Cathy (just Google the talented shell artist) transformed every room and space. I did not have a chance to take pictures of all the room but this is a peek at her wonderful re-creation of a beach house.

the entrance

looking out the back door.....
how great

we are all about our outdoor showers

I love this space

lots of Fun

humor in the garden

love how she uses the old doors

Cathy definitely has an eye for great things....

the fence

she uses her shells is wonderful ways.

love the dining and kitchen

this bench looks great

she used ta fun mirror in the shower....

the pop of orange
Cathy does amazing things with shells and she also does amazing things with her family beach house..... 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Tybee Weekend in the Fall...................

When the summer ends, the island becomes a quite peaceful place .I love the month of October at the beach .Still very warm and very few people on the beach.
I took the weekend off to do some "Me" things . I put some sod in the yard and went  for a "Tybee ride" on my bike.
I bought two cassia trees to plant at 99 Steps to the Beach and can't wait to plant them.
The yellow/gold color makes me happy and it last for several months.

they looks great with the Beachy Keen Green color of my beach cottage and also  the yellow and white Sunbrella fabric panels on my porch

I can't decide where to plant them ...........

the leaves close up at night and I love that

when I lived at Fish Camp Cottage I planted two there. They now make a beautiful arch over the front of the cottage in gold.

While on my bike  ride, I saw two more cassia trees in the park. I rode all over the island  then stopped  to visit an exciting new project........................

the cassia trees are just beginning to bloom here
I actually  came over to spend some quite time with  the new cottage project....and Ponder the spaces.........................

Here is the new cottage project....
.Isn't it beautiful?
(No, you say)
Well maybe not yet, but the vibes are DEFINITELY there!

a nice little cottage (and it is a duplex)
it also backs up to the nice that will be!!!

I LOVE the windows , the v-groove walls and high ceiling
that are all calling for fresh white paint!!!

a 12 foot wide porch .....
picket fences, screen porches, palm trees   all the right things...maybe we will add a cassia tree or two to bloom in the fall
This place is historic and charming and will be a great place to stay
 on Tybee hopefully very soon.
First,however, we have to see what the codes will  allowed in this area.
 Let's see..... 
 new kitchen cabinets counter tops....repairs of some things..  pick some colors ..paint the walls and ceilings... and ponder spaces and beds and curtains and sofas and lamps and breakfast tables and chairs and another screen porch on the front unit...............
OH YES !!!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Jane Coslick Cottage Holiday Tour Fund Raiser

IN A MOMENT.......

Your life can change... ( and your full plate ..overflowth!!!!!!!)

I got a last minute call to have dinner  from a few of my kitty lovin' friends on Tuesday evening..............

 We have some problems with our very very successful spay neuter and release  feral kitty program(  The Milton Project) .
ALL my kitties are products of the program and they have helped our island and the city of  Savannah so much.
More on that later...........
WE were all trying to think positive and "get a plan" to combat the hateful (uneducated) people of out local Animal Control that have caused hundreds of  kitties (who were being cared for in colonies) to be killed and forced the shut down of the Milton Project.
On a positive note:
The Humane Society of Chatham County is trying to create a low cost spay and neuter clinic in our area  and  we needed to raise money so it can happen.
My insides were  churning at the terrible action of our local Animal Control..
Our island and the neighboring Wilmington Island have a grant ( thanks to our hard working kitty lovers) to spay and neuter .
Long Story Short...

these are some of the kitties Milton got fixed THANKS MILTON PROJECT!!

My amazing "get it done friends" thought the idea of a Jane Coslick Holiday Cottage  Tour. would be the perfect fundraiser . ... and in their "get it done" fashion....
We will have it on Dec 8, the day of our Christmas parade on Tybee. So far, all the cottage owner are opening their cottages for this good cause!!!! I am still making contact with the ones who do not live here  full time.

again..saved by the Milton Project.. my  Fluffy girl

I amazed by the compassion of so many and am so grateful to so many of my island  neighbors for their help with  the problems that homeless animals face on a daily basis.


 One kitty at a colony at a time....Thanks to all those who help and care so much for the dogs and cats.
Our Humane Society and it's volunteers are working very hard!!!!!!!!!
It's time for me to get busy..

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Shrimp Cottage got some TLC......................

the screen porch fluffed and ready for a visit from Erin
Erin from House of Turquoise to visit Tybee and stayed at The Shrimp Cottage. She loved it and we had fun taking a cottage tour.  It was her birthday and I was thrilled she could spend some of it on Tybee Island.
the cottage was the garage for the Key Lime Parrot ( which is next door)

it is the smaller of the two cottages(Key Lime Parrot and The Shrimp)
small in size but big on charm

the cottage is all about fun
a mix of color and happy spaces. I added 14 windows to bring in the light because everything was dark ,brown and a bit scary.

added beaded plywood to the wall and painted everything bright white
THEN came the color in the furniture and fabrics and accessories

the out door shower  before we added a door..

added some Jane Coslick Cottage turquoise stripe euros

and a throw pillow with all the colors in the space

more color

the twin bedroom with two Star of the Sea Shutters for another punch of turquoise