Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Funky Vintage Cowgirl Style..Is Calling.....

I got an email from my friend and client in Colorado last night and I decided it may be time for a visit . I did her  house a few years ago and I did and a 'Jane Coslick Happy Place' above the garage and away from the main living spaces.(In Case I ever needed to run away)
This space has some of my favorite FFF's (funky fabulous finds)   and a great Lee Industries  sofa with the perfect size bench seat cushion for watching the world drift by. The view of Sleeping Giant Mountain is breathe taking and so are the sunsets and cool nights and great fires we build.
It is such a contrast to the beach but the Elk river runs by so I still get my water fix.....
When I started the project....
I decided that turquoise being both a beach and a mountain color, would be the thread of color that was woven thru the house.

the master bedroom

Pine Cone Hill Linens and a fur rug add a magic spell to this room

matching turquoise chandeliers hang in the hallways  

art and more art and more chandelier's
My MOST Favorite chair that rocks to perfection.
I had it covered in my old cowhide(never could
 work that thing into my beach house).

My hide out.. One large room complete with red flannel cowgirl  pjs that
matched the room...tee hee!

vintage funky cowgirl style

the walls and floors are beautiful antique wood
with an over sized rusty tin  American flag and some old gas sign letters
soft linens and cosy comforters and a touch of burlap on the bolsters and euro
on antique  turquoise daybeds  ...homework.. laughter all happen here!

the mirror over the sink is made from old yellow rulers and the counter tops are galvanized

cow hide nail head swivel bars , vintage cowboy movie posters, skulls and horns everything works great with the Elmira Stove works retro appliances

the amazing builder promised me a beautiful front  door
made especially for the house out of the recycled wood and  I love it!!!
Mr, Carey Hamilton are the best.....

My nest....and "the best bargain in the world" lamp that hold my sun glasses
until I return again!!!

the   'bricks and lace" cowgirl style

I almost couldn't part with this table when I bought it in Charleston SC.
I wanted it for myself at the the beach.

In the main house, I decided that all the dark wood needed some southern softening.. so thick red linen slip covered sofas  became the focus of the room.

on my "had to have" list .. hallway light at top of the stairwell

the view of Sleeping giant mountain

I found  this cool funky door at Habersham antiques Galley in Savannah
 When I shipped it out to Steamboat they all laughed and made fun...
UNTIL it was hung!!!

I need to call and see if "my" room is available.........
PhotobucketPS. Don't forget the Giveaway...I am loving the comments about what each of you love about your home. Focus on what you love not what needs will all get done one day!!!!


Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

And you do Cowgirl too - beautifully! I should have guessed.

Love the cowhide chair, the turquoise lights, the steer horns. Love it all in fact.

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Beautiful love the rustic textures with the pops of color. Well done Jane!!

katandconmom said...

I love the colors. Its perfect!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

LOVE it!! We are SOOOO contemplating a move back to Colorado...and when/if we do....there will be a room/cabin for you to put your style into!!!

Unknown said...

I'll be there!