Monday, April 30, 2012

A Few of my Favorite Projects and Cottages

My web designer came to visit and brought me some images I had sent her when she did my website many years ago.
I am lucky to have worked with some amazing photographers thru the years had the pleasure of creating some 38 great cottages and having some Tybee Island Fun.

<><><><><>The Tybee White house Cottage master bedroom with a pair of funky monkey lamps from the 1980's.  
The family room at Tybee Shutters Cottage. <><><><><> 
porch styling fun for a book
a bright and colorful guest room ......... rents this cottage 27Taylor street

Luscious Little Cottage kitchen with my second most favorite table used as an island

orange and turquoise and Beach house blue walls...a great combination at Calypso Cottage

Shrimp Cottage was once a machine shop with only one window(I added 15 new windows) Everything is "rebirth" and recycled with fun fabric and colors rents this cottage for my clients

closeup of the bar area

Outside of The Shrimp Cottage

my "Alice in wonderland door" with the secret key hole...Fish Camp Cottage rents this cottage for the present owners
My friend made this sign for me....a Doug Kiester photo
outside Fish Camp ...Matched my favorite blouse for the color

the patio and outdoor shower at Key Lime Parrot also rented thru

the dining room and one of the  guest bedrooms  at Key Lime Parrot

some wild and fun slipcovers at Key Lime Parrot

99steps to the beach photo by Doug Keister...

inside Luscious Little Cottage photo by Doug Keister

my sister's art on the bathroom wall at 99steps to the beach

the Braun Cottage .we saved it from demolition and moved it next to Palm Cottage
Design on 5cents...Most all of these projects were done on very limited budgets..just makes me get more creative....
my special little friends enjoying the hanging day bed at the "white house"

a special piece of art....with an old bathing cap.

I just LOVED it when I saw it..very creative love the green frame

one set of bunks in the bunk room at Amazing Grace cottage(wonderful 12 foot high ceilings)
My porch when I restored Horsepen Creek Cottage
the "watch the world go by' wicker chair at horse pen creek cottage
a little added touch to the picket fence (recognize the chair from the photo of the Shrimp Cottage)

COTTAGE: A small simple dwelling...small but always bright and cheery

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Little Sunday Fun at "Tween Waters Cottage"

When you are invited to dinner and drinks at this happy place, you arrive on your (pink) bike with no expectations beyond laughing out loud and going home very full.!!!!!!

Cottage  " Tween Waters"
Tybee Island USA

new pots from everbody's favorite Island Ace Hardware for the occassion

A Jane Coslick Cottage named Sea Biscuit  next door....
My old home...Fish Camp Cottage is on the other side of "Tween Waters" and is a vacation rental cottage
a happy guest who was staying at Fish Camp Cottage (love her sparkles)

what a happy place!!!

OH YES...they ARE leopard window boxes....

The beautiful welcoming committee...........

close up (sorry about the order of the photos)

the back yard has  MORE leopard...

the wonderful"styling" client and her one of a kind leopard outdoor shower with custom "cut outs" at the top.

she is "stying" and she is Also great at Styling for fun and happiness...............

 windows in the fence (and curtains)

the"no sand" zone....

she fixed it up right and I was laughing out loud......
The best part about my job is the great people that come my way. They begin as clients and end up as great friends!!!!!!!
I actually owed the cottage 15 years ago and restored it and sold it another friend/client.  It now has evolved to perfection from a brown and tan disaster with a caved in roof to this...Woo Hoo

The next photo shoot I have to do...SHE is hired!!!!

the girl's got talent and she know how to make a bed look perfect!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm thinkin' Pink..............

I am pondering painting an  old headboard Pink..... probably Luscious Little Little  Pink

When I left home  this morning this beach towel hanging on the picket fence  reminded me of a pink flag....(where were the stars)

I glanced over and to my right...more pink( the Luscious Little Cottage)
It stuck me as a very good thing to see the happy color as I  headed off down the road to my office on a Friday the 13th.

the color created by the tiny cottage
 When I drove  into my parking lot the the pink of the geranium in the black urns just made me smile....more pink....

Today I am organizing the office and clearing out the closets and file drawers. I have to get my taxes done and make room for some upcoming visitors ........ making space for a visitor just means finding cool stuff , I forgot I had.

pillows that were hiding deep within the closet............
A good friend gave me a few things to HELP me organize my life at the office. She had no idea how perfect they were for my little spot...
they  even says "See Jane Work"  LOVE IT!!!!
  Believe me, I am better at avoiding work ....than doing  it... these days .....
 Could be a case of Spring Fever ............... .SO... I am sharing spring things on the porch and avoiding the tax man.............
my favorite bench made from an old iron bed and driftwood (so comfortable).....
my inspiration sign when I need to do some serious 'pondering".....and don't want to be disturbed

my little fountain made from garage sale items

 a special one of a kind and made by my friend at FISH ART on Tybee

could just be be a guardian angel  standing by for duty.....................
 Have a great weekend..............................