Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Little Shabby,,A Little Chic...A Little Beach Cottage coming together

I made several trips to my storage unit and picked up Anna to have a bit of fluffing fun.  We tried to make things functional and space expanding. Actually LIVING in a small space takes planning and a big closet. I was thinking about having a small friends and family cocktail party so there is nothing like a party or a tour of homes to make one get things pulled together. ( the more I am thinking the more I am talking my self out of it.)

The main room is 16'x17'feet .( the kitchen, the living room, the bar and the dining room are all here,)White and natural light help expand the visual ...It has a wonderful high ceiling so it feels so much larger. The art makes the punches of color and the wooden walls and interior windows painted semigloss white make it very interesting.
HINT: if you want to add interest to you wall ....Add wood and paint them with a good quality  semigloss paint.

My most favorite blue stool (Anna's favorite too)
The trunk(coffee table) was in my first house(1980) and is oringinal heart pine beaded boards.

the tortoise shell bamboo table was my mother's and the the shark's teeth were discovered on a island near Fort Pulaski

close up

the director of the cottage keeping a watchful eye....

a few collected shells and a few from my great Aunt's shell collection
 When you live in 641 Square feet ..seeing all the way thru the house is very simple. There is a fine line between "to much" and "not enough"  stuff!!!!!

the porch and my pink bike

how about some lunch?

I reclaimed this chandlier from my client porch (his has turned in to a storage space)

front bedroom
seeing down the hall and thru the cottage

The beautiful antique bottle designs are from

I love this can sleep and not miss out on the party!
the interior pocket window is my favorite

nothing like the outdoor shower after a sandy  day at the beach

have a nice soft beach may just have gotten a little to much sun.. ."Ouch"
The indoor shower and old footed tub...are a happy place for soaking the hours away...


Brenda Pruitt said...

I love small and cozy! And this is definitely that and so much more. Love your colors!

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

I love this cozy cottage. My grandmother had the same yellow covered vintage chairs.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

It is a little jewel box! i LOVE it!

tammy j said...

excuse me while i try to think up some new adjectives...
can't get charming adorable happy out of my mind!
i love your artistically quirky way of hanging up the little fairy lights on the porch.
they are what they are. you just let them be and fall where they may and they're enchanting.
i can see the party spilling onto the porch and on outside...
hope you have it, then post about it!

Jane said...

Such a cute cottage! I love the fun artwork...especially the fish hanging on the porch.

Ricky Smith said...

I wanted to thank you for this great read!!

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Fran Caldwell said...

Just found you. What a perfect place! Everything you've done here is wonderful. Of course, it's nearly four years later...perhaps you've tweaked it even more. In a way, I hope not too much.

Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

That pocket window is really something! Question: is the chandelier hardwired in or is it a plug in for the porch? .. hope you had a fabulous cocktail party!