Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweet Little Splash Shack..........................

I fluffed a  wonderful little cottage with Anna today. We have so much fun moving thing around and making list and brainstorming for this cottage.
It is a vacation rental by
The beach isn't within walking distance but it has a wonderful swimming pool and the beach is a 3 1/2 minute drive to Northbeach and lots of parking. The Tybee light house and the North Beach Grill are also right there.

It  is a true cottage that just wraps around you when you enter the gate and you feel relaxed and comfortable from the first moment you step up on the porch.

Normally the margarita's sit on the (little school desk turned porch bar)... waiting for Jimmy Buffet  to sing to you...

a great chair for ready the newest novel by mary kay andrew's SPRING BREAK.

living room

the kitchen

vintage dresser

living simply...flip flops and bathing suit  
some nice happy colors...(new pillows for my Etsy store)

2nd bedroom

a twin and a full bed....very cozy ....very vintage

how about a dip?

pool bedroom .. wake up and have nice dip in the pool..


Donna said...

How pretty! I love every room. The colors and the whites are so "clean" looking.

A Whole Lotta Magic said...

Where`s the pool???


Unknown said...

In the back yard off the bedroom. Great day for a swim!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

EVERY little cottagey morsel you touch is delectable!!!

Love this one too!

tammy j said...

do you ever get tired of hearing how much i love this blog?
it just always puts a smile on my face.
if i ever get to tybee island i'm walking into your office with a huge grin and a bear hug!
(and just to make you feel safe...
no. i'm not a nut! just happy to have found this creative little piece of heaven known as your blog.)

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

So adorable. Next time I visit, I want to see this...

Unknown said...

I never get tired of hearing kind words they help me prevail when when the designing gets tough or the clients get crabby

Unknown said...

I never get tired of hearing kind words they help me prevail when when the designing gets tough or the clients get crabby

Unknown said...

I will take you on a tour when you come

Sand and Shells said...

It's so so cute... every little detail is so lovely!!! Ahhhh, I'm dreaming of sweet cottage days!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Wow! Jane you rock! I love your style.
Dying over that pillow with the orange and pink coral on it. Such a beautiful space !

Mary @ Sea Quilts said...

I, like, really want to sleep in the 2nd bedroom. I swear to you I can feel the breezes just looking at the picture.

Thanks for the breeze ~

tammy j said...

i have just spent the last two days reading every single post since 2008.
i have oohed and awwwed and i also cried when your beloved foster died.
i feel like i've been on a journey of color and light and happiness and sheer creativity as necessary as breathing! it's the simplicity and the heart that i love about your work. not "work." but the art of life that you love! thank you!
i love it too.
many bear hugs to you.
someday hope to walk through the doors of your office and trade smiles in person!
tammy j

tammy j said...

hahaha. forgot i'd already left a comment on this post! good grief.
but i still enjoyed the archives.
i highly recommend it to all your followers who might have started late!

carolyn said...

Just returned from Tybee where we stayed in a Mermaid Cottage that was down the street from your "Original Palm Cottage".

I'm now obsessed....and am trying to figure out how to coax my hubs into adding crab shutters to our house!!

Thanks for the smiles!!!

Unknown said...

you should have called I would have talked him into it.

Sandy Toes said...

Love the cottage and your style. It reminds me of the cottages we stayed in as a child on the Jersey shore.
Love the kitchen table and the pillows. I can see a good game of cards with the family after a long day of beach and swimming.
Well done!
And of course the outside showers and clothes lines for the towels kept the place neat!

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