Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New/Old Cottage

Here are a few shots of my newest project. It was the Hemingway Cottage (I did years ago). The new owners hired me to help pull it together with some of the things they have from their other beach houses (of which their were many). Each of their houses had a theme and she wants leopard, green, pink and of course everyone's favorite--turquoise. These are a few of my snap shots of mixing her things with a few "cottage things". I painted an antique brass drum chandelier from Circa Lighting (scratch and dent) to go with her fun comforter, I think it will be great. ( I want it for myself ..oh it is mine BUT I showed it, painted it and now it is hers..
The cottage will be for rent with http://www.mermaidcottages.com/


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Sneek Peek at 'COAST: Lifestyle Architecture' of "A Bohemian Cottage"

No, the bird is not real..
The chaise is the same that was once featured on the cover of the sadly missed Cottage Living Magazine .( Lucky now sleeps away on it in his final years on this earth.)
The Zebra fabric has long been discontinued but continues to make me very happy as it is easy to keep and cleans up like new over and over.
This cottage was soooooooooo ugly I thought I could never 'happy it up" (I must remember to show you the befores of this one)
It has become everyone favorite and an amazing place to have a party.
The kitties and I love love love the gazebo and the inspiration room. Spooky has made the inspiration room her "winter residence" and the hot pink quilt(with an electric blanket under it for extra comfort)is her spot. I go visit her and do my stretches on the zebra rug. The twin driftwood beds were in the "ticket booth" behind Luscious Little Cottage and were in Coastal Living's island issue with Anna Speir sitting on them. (her first assignment with Jane Coslick Designs and she was great).
Janelle McCulloch ,a fun, funny and very talented Australian, was the author and photographer for the book.  I ask her for a bio but she has yet to send it. She is delightful and I hope one day to visit Janelle and all my friends there. My client leaves the end of March and has ask me to go with her.
My assistant wont let me go until I clean out the back room of my office AND my storage unit( which I have had since 1992). She has not seen the storage unit yet and when she does she just might quit!!!!!

Spring is almost here...and so is the Spring Cleaning!

My new design assistant, Kristin, who recently graduated from the design program at Georgia Southern University decided to take on the challenge of organizing the fabric room! After folding and purging years of collected textiles, here is the finished product...we should have taken before and after images!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The book COAST ..life style Architecture.... will be out soon....

Remember when I was running around crazy trying to prepare some of the cottages for a photo shoot? (I am always running around crazy but this was for a specific reason)  The book will be out soon and I cant wait to see it. I will send you the link when I have it.
My new computer is working (OK) and I am back on the blog roll and into so many fun new projects. I think I use my blog as a sounding board and so there will be a few bizarre, a few fun, and a few inspiring projects ahead. The Charleston project is an old hardware store that will be  a restaurant called HARDWARE. (Breakfast (ALL DAY LONG) lunch and dinner.)The people that are part of the project are great and it will be a progress report with photos......
Two new/old cottages on Tybee for new and great clients. One is called "Paws and Paddles" and the other is called "Tween Waters". They will be rented thru Mermaid Cottages http://www.mermaidcottages.com/ and will be ready in the next few weeks.
Happy Valentines Day from the Design Business.....!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Beautiful Winter wedding by Anna

Anna cut out( free hand) the beautiful letter B.. She hung one on each side of the doorway entering the reception .

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Last weekend Anna created a setting for a magical night . I am having a time trying to show you some of her arrangements . Three blogs later I have a few photos. I have ask for permission to show a shot of the bouquets with the bridesmaid dresses taken Christen Hall Photography, an amazing photographer. They were beautiful bouquets and the bride maids dresses were copper colored. These photos  were taken  at the reception.....to be continued

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am alive and well and in Coastal Living's "The Ultimate Style Guide"

How beautiful is this cover! I love Coastal Living Magazine and so do all my friends and clients.They are always saving pictures of what they love and want in their own home. This latest special publication caught my eye at Publix yesterday and I was so excited to find a few of my projects included. It has so many beautiful photographs and ideas that my clients have been trying to keep my copy.
  I have been out of pocket so to speak while my new computer and new home office(with no Internet access ) have driven me crazy.  I have so much to share  and catch up with each of you.