Monday, October 31, 2011

My New Assistant................

   Happy Halloween...........................tee hee!!!

 My assistant  Kristin has taken a full time job and so I will have to carry on her organizational skills. She was sad to leave but needed to work a full week. I will miss her because we laughed most of the time and she was great at keeping things in order.
Here is a photo of her with her new engagement ring. She is very talented and loves things in perfect order. She want to be "on stand by" for me but I think her plate will be full and so will her day on her new job.

We use the bath tub at the office for storing pillows when there are several jobs in the works.  We were acting very silly and Kristin couldn't resist falling in the tub.
The holidays are upon us and school will be out soon. I am helping Anna with a wedding this weekend so she will be around to help me if I need extra hands, feet or brains until next year.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Slipcovers, Starfish, Surf boards And Wooden Painted Ceilings

A progress report on the new project...a large beach house on Tybee Island.
It takes more of everything to design a large beach house.. more bedrooms, more bathrooms, more bed linens, more  chairs,  more tables and  more sofas.... so many  stairs , nooks and cranny's and porches to design............................
The living room and dining room has a mix of the owners "bargain hunting" finds. They are all interesting pieces but don't exactly work together. Found some bargain fabric to slipcover the two wing chairs for the wonderful dining table ........... still pondering the finished product for the living room...Creative juices are flowing..I Love a challenge!
 Sea Grass rugs are on the way and things are primed and ready for COLOR COLOR and more Color. Headed that way this morning so I had to dream last night in Technicolor...............

So far we have......................

great transoms  above every door ..a perfect place for a star fish or two.. the owners had several Bellamy painting so I snatched them off their walls in town and hung them all at Tybee

they loved this fabric so we slipcovered a tired club chair the previous owners left behind.. did not have quite enough fabric so I added something I had in "THE" fabric closet (my office)

this room needs soft linen panels( IKEA has  Great ones) to soften the strong lines of the blinds
NOTE When you design a bed room PLAN a wall for beds !!!!

the great surf board stands in the hallway ready to take off to the beach to "shoot the curl"
a beautiful painted wooden ceiling in a bedroom...Wake up . Open your eyes and Look up.. and you know it will be a great day!!!!

nice wooden walls and a soft beach glass painted ceiling  ( I am pondering the headboard... I know it will appear any moment)

great porch ceilings

great porches

this was the tile back splash ...... the counter tops are corian (beach glass is the color)

euros are ready and the twin and queen beds in this room are ready for guest
To be continued..............

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mother Nature ..A Great Designer

I am working on a new project with a client I had not seen in years. We have a had a great time treasure hunting, shopping and being careful with the expenses.  We are semi-preparing a place for her parents to move. They have beautiful things but not ready to bring them this way.SOOO we are using nature and the" traveling Bellamy oyster" and a few comfortable pieces of furniture(that have NOT arrived yet) to create their new home. We made several trips to Nadeau,World Market and Habersham Antique Gallery to find lots of great things. . We slipcovered some rather ugly dining chairs with some beautiful linen from GDC in  Charleston SC and spruced things up with a  wonderful neutral color from Ben Moore 1524.the original color on the wall was an off white with a touch of yellow.

touches of nature and a few things..... to make the home feel inviting to them when they arrive
they have a beautiful marsh view (will recommend a new chandelier)
we are all in love with the rusty crusty old turquoise coffee table..and I am so crazy about using shells in design. 
the rugs are beautiful and add so much to the rooms

the bookcases seem so empty so I added a few  books from my library( which now spills out all over the floors in my office) I love books!!!!

this shells was picked up on Little Tybee  last winter and I love the barnacles

this shell was from my mother's collection

my client found this beautiful pottery lamp with a hint of robins egg blue..great contrast with wall color

on loan from Me....sharing the beauty of Nature!!!!

oyster shell candlesticks made from Bluffton  South Carolina
linen and wood and shells  great contrast..I love to use it.I call it my "brick and lace theory" 

the candle sticks can be ordered from recognize the last name(my son has started making them since Anna became the amazing art teacher.)

the "roving' Bellamy oyster shell.. a little art is good for the soul.

two beautiful monarch butterflies dropped by on the bottle brush to say welcome to the neighborhood!!!!
the beauty of nature ...he would not be good for  inside of the new project but very beautiful to watch outside on the corners of the deck. there is one in each corner.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our Yellow Brick Road......................How magical!!!!

The end of a busy week and I am a very lucky person. I watched the sun come up on the ocean as I start my day and this was the view as I wrapped up my week.
I call it "the yellow brick road"...... it only last a few minutes and I imagine I would get pretty wet..if I decided to take it.
This is the Back River on Tybee and Aj's Restaurant. They have wild Halloween decorations .. a big spider jumps at you as you walk by it... just one of many surprises for visitors.

The project is 96% done...waiting for fabric and a few slipcovers. Still pondering the Great Room but the fabric did not get shipped so I have a few more days of pondering. THIS area is a challenge..but I just look out the windows and door at the beauty of nature and think positive thougths about the space.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

A New Beach House Adventure...............

I am so excited and tired...creating a new home for some very busy people. I told them I could "pull" their new beach house together in a week! They have been buying things and more things until I suggested they... STOP... until we really knew what else was needed to complete the house.
The house is beautiful but a little scary...............the views will blow you away and nature IS the best designer.
 It has soooooooooooo many light fixtures and colors and corners that it feels like a maze. Oh, it is going to be great ,but a few corrections are in order.
Budget is tight and hopes run high and I cant wait until they spend their first night and call me to say they are relaxed, and happy watching the waves roll in and the seagulls  fly by.

this room will the such fun

shams will be made from this fabric as accent with the turquoise both bright and soft the ceiling is wood and painted ...............

we need curtain panels at the windows because very few of the walls in the bedrooms are solid walls suitable for beds and/or headboards.

great potential here but it is going to take some serious pondering

ONE  of the views

great room into the kitchen view

dining room into the great room

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Favorite Bedroom and More

The rest of the cottage from the photo shoot....can't decided which room I love the most....What do you think?


 guest room

a little humor in the laundry room

outdoor bedroom by the pool

guest room


behind the old shutters are the hidden bar glasses
the cottage is rented  by 912- 786-6746