Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fall flowers by Anna

Here are some photos from the rehearsal dinner she was creating on Friday night in historic downtown Savannah Georgia.

Even though Anna is teaching art now, she still does weddings and special events. Ever time I watch her work her flower magic , I am amazed.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Week

This is a Bellamy painting from my collection, and to me, it speaks volumes about this holiday . I wanted to share it  with you and to say how thankful I am for my new blog world friends and all the people who make my life so interesting..... My great clients, my wonderful children and my many good friends.
My Dad taught me when I was very young..."Things" are not important, People are!!!! Ironically, I have ended up in the "thing" business.(interior design) and I really do love finding great and wonderful objects . I am all about the "Treasure hunt" for the unique, but more about the people that will enjoy what I discover..
Thanksgiving is a holiday that bothers me a bit. Cooking is not what I do best..probably  it is what I do worst !!! I stress big time when I have to prepare the Thanksgiving meal and organize food.
Living on an island is very special. Oyster dressing is on most every table and the 79 degree weather makes for a great day at the beach. I  feel extremely  blessed ..... Great weather and we have been invited out to Thanksgiving Dinner . HURRAH


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Foster in his Prime !!!

I found the photo of Foster and Lucky. Doug Keister and Brian Coleman wrote the COTTAGES book that features several of the Jane Coslick Cottages .
Doug took this photo after many cookie bribes. Foster was so great and I appreciate all of the kind comments you all wrote on that post. I love this photo because his beautiful white paws with "buttons" spots that made him look like he was wearing old fashion spats


Friday, November 19, 2010

I left the beach to go to the beach

This is where I ran to when I ran away from home.. to a beach. My friend (from college) has a house so I took 23 3/4 hours off to visit her. We rode bikes "fast as the wind" and sat on the porch and watch the moon come up ...and we talked and we talked and we talked...and we laughed about our lives and the people who have passed thru it.
I live at the beach but I had to go to the beach... to realize what matters the most.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Running Away from Home"

It could be running away in your head, or running away on your pink bike for three hours, or going to see a friend who you have known since college .  Visiting old Friends or spending time with new friends. good for your soul. Sometimes clearing your mind and listening to your heart is the best "attitude adjustment" .
These wonderful photos were taken a few days ago on Back River ( On Tybee Island) by a friend . .

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Something Great from Kevin and Layla Palmer

I have the most wonderful and talented friends and they made this for me. I wanted to share it with you because it means so much and I just found it again for it had been lost on  on the computer at my office.
. We met when Kevin and Layla came to Tybee Island to work and it is as if we had been friends forever.. They have both "beauty AND brains" and are always creating wonderful and magical things.
Kevin took the photo of Layla and I talking while visiting in the Shrimp  Cottage when I took them on tour of some of the cottages. (other photographs are by Richard Johnson for Coastal Living and LaVie CLaire Magazines).By the way, I hate having my photograph taken especially with NO makeup that ends up in living color.UCK.....Anna's fault on the window box shot. We were just messing around ..learned my lesson.
 Kevin and Layla can style, photograph. compose, decorate, create, and put their own twist on everything.They have so much fun doing what they do and it all comes so natural. I think they need their own Television series. Kevin can even do the music because he IS a musician. is their most entertaining blog .....Travlers with the Palmers ...could also be a series..especially when they make road trips to  places  like Home Goods

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Love Interior Windows

I visited what I call "Blog Land " last night and found people who love interior windows. WHO KNEW? Pocket windows are my favorite but they all are so great. I found  Maria of Vintage Simple and all of  her friends who love what I love.. it was very enlightening and I just wanted to share my favorites.  Bohemian cottage( the top photo), the" white house" nicked named that by the sadly missed Cottage Living Magazine ( Photo by Richard Leo Jonson) and my favorite in all the world ..the pocket window at 99 steps to the beach ( bottom photo)...all cottages and all fun.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In Memory of a Great Dog named Foster

In my lifetime I have been blessed by wonderful Dogs and Cats appearing in my life and enriching it in the most incredible ways. Animals are my passion and I cherish all of them. Some say, "I am a dog person" or "I am a cat person" . I just love them all.
Foster was in foster care at a wonderful fabric store in Bluffton SC called Discount Fabrics. The owner rescues dogs and trains them as service dogs. Foster was very timid because of his terrible life and so he was so very shy . My  dog, Tramp, (who was someones ex husband that had come back as a dog) had recently died and I  was sad and lost without him.  Two great feral  kitties (Grey and Red) had shown up at the beach cottage but the" hole in the heart" was ever present for Tramp. I walked into the fabric store and I saw Foster  hanging out among the chintz and linen (15years ago chintz was everywhere) . It was love at first site.
He was my constant companion on job sites and and all my construction projects. He would follow me from room to room "inspecting" and looking in every corner like he really KNEW what needed to be completed.
There will never be another Foster. He was loving , sweet, well behaved and very smart.
When he was found , injured and so ill the vet was getting ready to put him to sleep. Foster put his paw on the vets face ( Like he has always did when he lays down and you come close to him). The Vet said, "this is a keeper" He definitely was!!! I need to write that vet a thank you note for sure.!!!!
Foster is featured on my website in a great photo taken by Doug Keister. He and Brian Coleman kept bringing cookies to the house and bribed Foster( and Lucky) for a great photo.

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's all in the Details !!

A closeup of headboard and the light and airy curtains with  petite aqua ball fringe

 added an old door and door knob and hung "the sign"
How lucky am I have  clients that WANT my name on the door also...It is all  about having some fun
The reflection  of the wonderful Bellamy paintings of tropical flowers.( great art is timeless) and this funky old mirror with "right off the beach" Tybee shells on just the left side. ( a favorite thing of part of the room)
I should have taken a" before" of the door
A mix of things that don't really go together but create a unique design that that is sure to draw you in . It  creates interest and a special blend of harmony for clients that LOVE color. The beautiful white linens anchor the room and unify it.


The giveaway Gave me something! .... An ever widening circle of amazing and talented people . Many thanks to Crystal of Olive Rue for my lessons..and thanks to all of you for sharing your talents.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Melanie @ Covered Porches and Wooden Screen Doors

I would like to thank everyone who came by and took the time to comment on my first giveaway. This has been really fun, and I can't believe a whole week has gone by already. I loved reading all your sweet comments and heartfelt words. It was nice discovering all the new blogs and where everyone was visiting from. Again, thank you for making this giveaway a great success!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sometimes White and Ruffled

One of my latest projects and one of my favorite ever. I have clients that love love love color. It brings them so much Joy and happiness ( me too) and we just completed a guest room that I may move into. It is actually sophie's, the granddaughter's room when she comes for a visit. (and my room). I made a turquoise metal star for her door with her name on it (and mine too ) I will be selling the white ruffled duvet and euros on the store so you can create you own magic. The wall is painted CORAL BELLS by Sherwin Willams Paint Company and the headboard is from  the salvation army with a serious spray of aqua .several cans covered all  the mix and "don't" match furniture. We used what we had and the Bellamy's  painting were actually hanging right outside the bedroom door. It sooooo  Worked!!!! The lamps came from none other than our local Home Goods but I found the antique chandelier at the antique mall. The panels ( complete with  tiny turquoise ball fringe came from Carol's Linens in Macon Ga.. The throw pillow was a gift from heaven via Marshall's. I have this thing "about the Perfect thing" . I will search high and low for years sometimes to find it....and I always know it when I see it or I will, if all else fails create it myself.

Don't forget to sign up for the give away . I will draw the winner on the 4th of November.

I have learned through the giveaway and visiting blog land  ......... The love of white in any form is universal........ That makes me very happy.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sometimes White and " Rusty Crusty"

In my design business, I am always open to what my clients wants. Here is a neutral palette for a client who loves white, " rusty crusty" and unique. The lamp was made from a old column top  and adds a great detail combined with the ornate detail of the small Victorian table . The throw pillow has a large grommet on the corner that does not show in this photo. The drapery  are  white duck and also have large grommets. The sofa is mushroom colored and works well with "decorating for dogs." She so wanted a white sofa but "dogs rule" and so she was very happy with the compromise.