Sunday, June 15, 2014

Positive Thinking…I learned it from my Dad……...

the results of some of my positive thinking..99 Steps to the beach!!!
(this is a Richard Leo Johnson photograph)

I  learned to look at life with a Positive Attiutide. My father taught me the importance of this and I have carried it thru in every thing I do.
When I began restoring houses .. that "looking at things and seeing the best..and not the worst" has guided my career . Dr Norman Vincent Peale wrote about him  in his book ,The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking.
When I see an old house for the first time, I look for the best qualities .( they may be hidden deep within but trust me ..THEY ARE THERE !
Here are a few of the results of that thinking…..

BEFORE of Doc Holiday cottage

AFTER  of Doc Holiday Cottage

after (the screen porch)

before "Amazing Grace"

 AFTER     (Amazing Grace)

AFTER...  THE PORCH (A Richard leo Johnson photograph)

Before of the porch at Amazing Grace…Amazing..right?  A POSITIVE ATTITUDE ..RIGHT?

Before of Bead Cottage

AFTER.....I added a porch (as large as the cottage)



Friday, June 6, 2014



SOUTHERN TIDES cottage is finished and I wanted to share some of the special places like the pool, the sleeping porch, the crocodile bar, the 8 bunk bunk room., the perfect screen porch.. the stripe outdoor shower, the new baths and kitchen , living room, dining room and laundry  room. The mix of fabrics, colors and one of a kind treasures have come together in a perfect example original Tybee Style... Fun ,Funky and Fabulous!!!

restoration of a an historic raised cottage circa 1902

1702 Chatham Ave    

living room

dining room

Happy Kitchen

screen  porch

"suds and duds"

the new  Crocodile bar

in honor of our crocodile

the game room

the black and white bath

the twin room
the famous bunk room

half of the bunk room 5-8

upstairs sitting area off the sleeping porch

the wonderful sleeping porch

Nap time

Happy  Colors in the second master bedroom

Tybee Time at Southern tides..napping ,,reading ..swimming.. playing....laughing and making memories

the new sink 

reflections..... the beautiful and serene king bed room

sweet dreams!!!!!

the old and new and a bit of the ocean

 the funky and the fabulous...

the new closets made from the vintage shutters

the double queen bed room downstairs 

have you ever showered in an outdoor shower with stripes?Here is your chance....

how about a cool dip on a hot summer day in the new swimming pool ?

The new logo for Tybee