Sunday, June 15, 2014

Positive Thinking…I learned it from my Dad……...

the results of some of my positive thinking..99 Steps to the beach!!!
(this is a Richard Leo Johnson photograph)

I  learned to look at life with a Positive Attiutide. My father taught me the importance of this and I have carried it thru in every thing I do.
When I began restoring houses .. that "looking at things and seeing the best..and not the worst" has guided my career . Dr Norman Vincent Peale wrote about him  in his book ,The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking.
When I see an old house for the first time, I look for the best qualities .( they may be hidden deep within but trust me ..THEY ARE THERE !
Here are a few of the results of that thinking…..

BEFORE of Doc Holiday cottage

AFTER  of Doc Holiday Cottage

after (the screen porch)

before "Amazing Grace"

 AFTER     (Amazing Grace)

AFTER...  THE PORCH (A Richard leo Johnson photograph)

Before of the porch at Amazing Grace…Amazing..right?  A POSITIVE ATTITUDE ..RIGHT?

Before of Bead Cottage

AFTER.....I added a porch (as large as the cottage)




Kim said...

Wow! That's a lot of positivity and a lot of delightfully creative vision! So much fun to look at! :)

Wendy C said...

I love your positivity. It makes life about possibilities not challenges!
Strengths based practice really works in so many different aspects of life.

Anonymous said...

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Bmore Bungalow said...

Gorgeous! The blue chandelier is wonderful!