Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A New Slipcover & The Pillow Giveaway

I'm a happy lady today. I have a  new slipcover for my loveseat. I took a few pictures of the pillow that will be given away this Friday. If you haven't already commented scroll down to the next post. You have four chances to win this time. The deadline is Friday, June 1st at 12:00 PM. So make sure all your comments are in by then.

This is a pillow that can be used indoors or out. It could be on the bed, sofa, chair or the chaise.
I think the slipcover looks great. And here it is  "in the raw." These photos were taken before my very talented slipcover artist, Jennifer Hale made it. She had just loaded the fabric into her basket and was getting ready to pedal back home. She loves her bike as much as I do. That's how we roll down here.

And off she goes to make my new slipcover!


(Jennifer's email halesewing@gmail.com  for slipcovers)

You can now find me on Pinterest!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring Giveaway & A New Etsy Shop

Hello all you JC friends and fans. This is Crystal (aka Olive Rue) posting from Jane's blog today. Last week, I went down to Tybee and spent a whole fun-filled week with our favorite Design Diva. As always, we had a blast together and the time went by way too quickly. Each year, Jane continues to astound me with her amazing work. And every time I think I have a favorite cottage --she blows me away with another one.

Let me tell ya, this little lady NEV-ER slows down. Honestly, I'm not quite convinced she ever sleeps. She's always full of life, energy and surprises. And speaking of surprises today is the big day. It's giveaway time. More on that in just a minute. In other exciting news, Jane has a new Etsy shop.  Click on the link to check things out. New items are still be added, so please be sure to check back in a few days. 
I wanted to mention this again for those that might have missed the blog post last week. Her son, Bauer is applying for a small business grant. This grant would allow Bauer to hire an office manager and expand his business to offer community acupuncture treatments at a low cost to all. I am sure Jane and Bauer would greatly appreciate your vote. He needs 250 votes, and so far he has 117. If you would like to help him out, you can vote  by clicking on the website here: https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com  once you have clicked on the website, you can either register on the site and vote or, do so by logging into your Facebook page. 

Now, let's talk about this exciting giveaway. Up for grabs is a beautiful tangerine colored euro sham. Features a crisp white coral print. Measures 26x26 (pillow not included) It has a fresh, lime green trim. I saw this one in person and it's stunning ladies! It's indoor/outdoor fabric. And just in time for summer too. For those of you that simply must have one now they're available through her new Etsy shop. 

And in addition to the pillow sham she is also tossing in one of her gorgeous Cottages Book. This book is full of eye candy. The cover is from the living room, 99 Steps to the Beach. 

You have four chances to win this time. 
1. Leave a comment on this post. = 1 entry

2. Blog about this giveaway. Leave a comment with a link to your blog post. = 2 entries

3. Tweet about the giveaway. Leave a comment letting Jane know you tweeted it on Twitter. 3 entries

4. Give a shout out on your Facebook page. Leave a comment that you have give a shout out. 4 entries

The deadline is Friday, June 8th at 12:00PM. Good luck everyone!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

"A Bohemian Cottage" for rent......

This was the second worst.... no third worst of all the cottage I have restored. It turned out to be one of my most favorite (really they are ALL my favorites because they are all different)  I restored it EXACTLY like I wanted to and created special "outdoor rooms' and inspiration spots that ooze happy thoughts and hours of peaceful pondering....................
 I replaced ugly hollow stained door with magnificent antique doors from a cottage that the owners REFUSED to save(their loss- my gain) and furnished it with one- of- a- kind very special pieces. I sold it furnished to a wonderful person and we know you will love it as much as we both do when you rent it for your vacation.
 http://www.mermaidcottages.com/  is the renting agent.

When I bought it in 2005.................. WOW it was ugly.............

 My friends thought I had lost my mind for sure on this one....
   This was the kitchen before.........

the kitchen after

the front of the cottage before.........

 the front after it was restored.........
I named it "A Bohemian Cottage " because it felt just like one to me

the front bedroom walls were rough plywood painted with blue grey trim with metal windows and how about that window treatment!!!!

new floors..and new white walls....   great old doors... ...and no tacky valances and cool  stuff..

I just had to do it...............a zebra front door..love the old planter and side walk and curved wall

this was the front of the house when I bought it

Always a picket fence................
I think anyone who rents this cottage from Mermaid Cottages mermaidcottages.com will have a wonderful time....
the breakfast room
back bedroom
back bedroom
the inside "pondering" throne in the front room
the living room
the front bedroom off the front porch

the back porch with a "bed room".. a room the size of a bed  behind the shutters...a great place to hide from the world...

the inspiration room.twin beds made from driftwood..

the Gazebo just made for "Pondering" (salvage old porches gingerbread with antique windows)
This was the place in the shades where my kitties and I hung out and did some serious pondering.... 
the outdoor space... antique bricks salvaged from the Old Crow Distillery
 outdoor curtains and old windows in the fence(for the kitties to come and go) I am not much on privacy fences .. Better for visiting with the neighbors..(close the curtains if you want privacy)
chandelier looks old but isn't  (feels old)
Curtains everywhere  even on the front porch ....
front screen porch with curved walls
 The black kitty  in this photo moved  away with me..But now Mr. Freckles  live here and his eyes are the same color as the cottage..Beach house Blue http://www.janecoslickcottagecollection.com/
french door that go to the  inspiration room with tybee shells for knobs

old and beautiful (didn't even  paint  most of the old doors)

front screen porch looking into front bedroom

OK this chair is outside now on the front porch. Mr Freckles is sitting  there waiting for his " Fancy Feast". He showed up when I moved  so be sure to give him some love and treats!!!!
 ENJOY...... maybe we will run into each other .. (I'm the one on the pink bike pedaling fast as the wind.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Little help From my Friends.............

 Last month I blogged about helping my son design his new acupunture practice

 I posted about designing for health and wellness. I had helped my son, Bauer create his new Acupuncture office . I was at his house for Mother's Day Brunch (yummy) on Sunday................and found out he  needs a bit more help....

My son is applying for a small business grant, and we need everyone's vote. This grant would allow Bauer to hire an office manager and expand his business to offer community acupuncture treatments at a low cost to all. Go to
and click on LOGIN & and SUPPORT.
Look up my son's business name: Vitality, Choose the state of GA from the drop down menu and then choose Savannah. to cast your vote. He's need 250 votes to be eligible.
Thanks so much,
 As a thank you for taking time to vote, I am having a summer pillow cover give away next week. Olive Rue is visiting and she will help me post it and show the pillows. Stay tuned and THANKS !!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Magic Of An Old Beach House........

Beach House
Ocean air thru open windows..
barefoot on wood floors..
A special place in time..

When I moved to Tybee Island in 1992. I saw the destruction of so many old beach house for new "bigger is better" generic beach mini mansions.(New is not necessarily better)
In my opinion,old houses and cottages have soul. It comes from years of housing families and friends and the making of great memories that last a life time.
I had a copy of a book called Family Houses by  the Sea. I gave it to all the clients who were considering restoring a wonderful old beach house or tearing it down and  building new beach  houses. I needed them to focus on the end results....  beyond the  rust and crust..... to having a wonderful restored old beach house and having something unique and very special.
There are a few very well preserved and amazing old raised cottages on Tybee. I have loved this house and this family sinced I moved in across the street (1992)............................
They have loved and enjoyed it and now it is rented by Tybee Cottageshttp://www.tybeecottages.com/ Randolph Cottage 8 North Lovell Ave.
This historic raised  cottage is oceanfront.

the guest room/guest house...............

the sweetest of dreams as the ocean lulls you to sleep
the fence..they call it snow fence. I think it should  be called sand fence

a raised cottage..a beautiful thing!!!!

the great original door at the top of the stairs

the screen porch that run all the way down the side of the cottage

chairs and tables that never go out of style

how about some lunch or there is the clothes line if you need to hang out your beach towel

 There  is room for ALLthe guest to sit and eat and enjoy the ocean breeze
timeless and interesting... yellow is big this year also (circa 1955) 

the elegant dining room

a nice wide hall way for the breezes to flow thru the house

a  shell lamp with burlap shade ( 1955)

beautiful  wooden walls and ceilings in every room

15 steps to the beach OR sit in the rocker and you are STILL on the beach

The guest cottage

The view

Randolph Cottage 8 North Lovell Ave

How about a nice spot for reading a good book ?
The back hall to the bath room and shower area

the great old  bathroom cabinet

complete  with the original footed tub

the screen frames are all custom made and  original

a room with a view.........

master bedroom

vintage 1955

shutters and chenille and  watching the sun rise over the Atlantic ocean right from your bed!!!!

living room

beautiful original window with old wavy glass
uncomplicated in a complicated world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1