Monday, January 2, 2017

Hello Blog World... Happy New Year .....I Have Missed You!

Sometimes work gets in the way of everything ! I love my job but it keeps me hopping with very little time to spare. I have missed not sharing my "ponderings "and memories with my blogger friends.  I will pick up where I left off in March and share Maddie's Seaside Cottage with you.
the new front lights are by  Stray dog Designs
A headboard made from an outdoor rug ..saves on space and adds happy colors.  found at .Throw pillow
On my last post from March 16,2016.....
                                          We began here...

Here are a few "after photos.
 Black and white accents and a bright kelly green door.
A Tybee Turquoise ( jane coslick colors) painted concrete porch floor. Pink rose bushes and a brick path will be added soon.
We saved the wonderful old windows and added these  awnings to help with the summer sunshine

the bunk pillows are from WWW.celeadonhome and the round throw pillows from the"Joy"
collection at Target

a typical Tybee closet...hooks and a basket

the colors and fabrics flow to the back bedroom and sprinkle all through the  cottage.

the kitchen got new counter tops and the top cabinets around the bar are gone. It opens the space and makes the biggest difference.

the "Surprise".....

to be continued ....