Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Beds..New Porch... New Visitors at Cottage On The Green

It felt like Christmas when the new beds arrived at Cottage on the Green...
Land of Nod Beds in Turquoise.........

New black iron beds with foot boards for the  queen beds..
this fabric is so wonderful..I remember when bathing caps were in style..

All beds are new but feel old and I love that so much!!!


The screen porch at unit B came to life..
A good book and one is set  for  a relaxing afternoon.
In the mornings you can sit there drinking coffee and listen to the birds sing to you...

I dropped by to return the curtains  for the doors and met the new visitor having fun on the porch in unit A

Nothing like a porch!!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Amazing Elizabeth !!!

August Issue of Better Homes and Gardens

Elizabeth Beeler is smart, thrifty and very creative. We met on a shoot she styled for one of my cottages and we have been fast friends and kindred spirits since that time. This is a great article so check it out.

She stenciled this  herself..she loves projects and especially  the " hands on" kind. Her  house is so wonderful !!!

The best news is she is coming in two weeks to  stay at my office (a home away from home) and we are doing another one.. This time for HGTV Magazine. She can meet my new assistant Amanda and we can get Anna involved and we can have soooooooooooo much fun!!!!
Work is lucky am I to love what I do. Once we dismantled almost an
entire house to style it and laughed all the time we were working. I think the homeowners wondered if we were crazy...maybe a little. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Happy Happy Porch

I love creating a porch .The feeling of being inside and outside at the same time. A place to sit and watch the world go by....A place for a picnic..or a nap..or hours of pondering or reading.... or maybe even a fun
"porch party."
When designing a porch, I insist on one being deep enough to create a nice seating arrangement...Never let any builder tell you any different!!!!
Not everyone is a "porch person"but I don't hold that against them. The owner of Cottage on the Green is a great "porch person" and all the porches here are designed for making memories.

                                                                                       the picnic table/craft table
                                                outdoor curtain next and then we are ready for some serious relaxing

Happy Colors
                                                                                         Cottage on the Green
                                                                                            the front porch

 How about a real live sleeping porch..remember when there were bed spreads with pillow tucks? You folded the spread over the bed pillows and tucked under them. Anna, Amanda and I had fun playing on the sleeping porch...
styling for my upcoming book. Anna added island vines to the fabulous chandelier.
How about a nice nap on the sleeping porch?
                           Feeling lazy on this Sunday afternoon...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cottage Update.....Cottage On The Green units A and B

where it began.... a bit pitiful BUT

great windows and good bones..wonder where that expression comes from?

After  ..(a picture is worth a thousand words)

Cottage holiday 4th of July

The new cottage sign

new floor  and bolster pillow

                                                  pondering this mirror over washer dryer to expand the space

Bathroom Mirror

sleeping porch  adding lots of outdoor curtains and fun  surprises...night night or nap time
perfect when you are  TYBEE TIRED!

                                                                           cute laundry bag perfect colors!!!

The other bathroom mirror
painting of the cottage by Anna Lee on the new  twin beds..I love them so much!!!

new beds  from Land of Nod..... lamp on loan from my bedroom/ new bamboo night stand
 For rent: