Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Happy Happy Porch

I love creating a porch .The feeling of being inside and outside at the same time. A place to sit and watch the world go by....A place for a picnic..or a nap..or hours of pondering or reading.... or maybe even a fun
"porch party."
When designing a porch, I insist on one being deep enough to create a nice seating arrangement...Never let any builder tell you any different!!!!
Not everyone is a "porch person"but I don't hold that against them. The owner of Cottage on the Green is a great "porch person" and all the porches here are designed for making memories.

                                                                                       the picnic table/craft table
                                                outdoor curtain next and then we are ready for some serious relaxing

Happy Colors
                                                                                         Cottage on the Green
                                                                                            the front porch

 How about a real live sleeping porch..remember when there were bed spreads with pillow tucks? You folded the spread over the bed pillows and tucked under them. Anna, Amanda and I had fun playing on the sleeping porch...
styling for my upcoming book. Anna added island vines to the fabulous chandelier.
How about a nice nap on the sleeping porch?
                           Feeling lazy on this Sunday afternoon...


rjerdee said...

Color fun! Inviting :)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Jane....`Tybee time magic. Seriously!

Unknown said...

I still make a bed that way.That's the way I was taught and I feel like it isn't right unless it's done that way.Love me some happy porches!

Evelyn Kelly said...

I'm so grateful to Jane for this fanciful sleeping porch.
My daughter, Capri and grandson Oliver, have slept here everynight and will continue until the first vacation renters push them out! Best sleep ever!
Owner, Evelyn

Unknown said...

The renting begins on Friday at 4.....everyone will love it

LeAnn said...

Absolutely adorable!!

Unknown said...

you have a great blog ^ ^
you want to follow each other?
follow me and let me know with a comment
and follow you too :))


SLR said...

this is just gorgeous! it's a dream of mine to stay in one your decorated cottages on tybee island! i do remember bedspreads and pillow tucks!! ;)
looking forward to your book, i am a long time fan!