Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Sneak Peek


In this shot is the petite book case and the awning stripe euro shams that will be part of the soon to be open Jane Coslick Cottage Collection. It has taken so very long and there was SOOOOOO much more to do than I ever expected. My great and patient team are working very hard on the details. To all of them, I am very grateful.
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Assistant's Assistant in Pink

So Anna Speir, whom you may know from her oyster shell creations, is also my design assistant, but she also wears another hat! Before she came to me she worked with flowers and special events I became her assistant!!! I watched in awe of how quickly and beautifully she changed a charred movie set into a magical wedding chapel! Take a look at the fun funky bright bridal bouquets paired with a turquoise cake! It's pouring down rain and yes, you guessed it, that's me in the hot pink rain coat! Our previous post unfolds Anna's talent for our island's newest mile(Y)stone.

View of Tybee Island's Newest Wedding Chapel Before Relocation

The chapel was built as one of the sets of a movie that was filmed on Tybee Island last summer, The island fell in love with the chapel and wanted to save it and keep it as a great memory of a wonderful summer.
It was constructed as the center of a story about family and a fire in a beautiful little chapel. It was burned and rebuilt and burned again. . The movie will be coming out this spring and I predict another busy busy summer. Here are exterior shots of the chapel before Anna performed her magic.

Three Bouquet's for Three Bride's

Anna created Three different bouquets for each bride. The chapel was staged for a wedding. A media event took place to announce the move, new location, and place for brides to get married!

Blue & White Bride

Touch of Turqoise

You know how we love turquoise! As Luck would have it, Tybee's Newest Wedding Chapel uses turquoise on their logo so, Anna incorporated the clean simple look of white daisies, yellow lemons, and the Tiffany blue satin ribbon to hang on the Chapels beautiful doors!People forget how sweet white daisies can be!!!!

We Call This "Doorway To Heaven"

Need we say more.......Future place where all brides begin their steps,making there way to the alter.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Special Cottage - 1948


This a photograph taken in 1948. The original owners gave me this photo and shared many great stories of the years of fun and happiness they shared with friends and family at the cottage . Many of the soldiers who were stationed at Fort Screven (one of Tybee's historic sites) would come for dinner and although it was small, people would spill out onto the steps and into the yard to enjoy the laid back ways of our little island.

Scroll down to see interior photos as well as two Blogs about my restoration of the cottage, both 'before' and 'after'!

More of Richard Johnson's photos of the interiors can be seen on my website under DESIGNS AND RESTORATIONS in Jane's Designs with the label Cottage Fryes. The cottage now has new owners and it can be rented thru www.tybee
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Richard Leo Johnson's Photo

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Special Cottage (The After)


I restored the cottage and painted the interior walls white. It had the original hardware and great interior details. The pocket windows on the left side of the door had been covered up during what I like to call a "remuddle" and to my surprise, there they were, just waiting to be opened. I painted it happy beach colors and added glass to the top 2 panels of the front door to bring in additional light.
I doubled the size of the cottage by adding a large screen porch that could be additional living space if ever needed.
It was photographed by the amazing Richard Leo Johnson and featured in the May/June 2007 of the gone-but-not-forgotten COTTAGE LIVING Magazine.
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Another Very Special Cottage (The Before)


Here is a before (the after will post later) of a very special cottage on Tybee Island that I bought and restored in 2005. I walked by it for years and it reminds me of the current project. (It's too cold to paint so I will share some before and after pics of what Cottage Living magazine called "The White House" (because of the interiors ).
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Pick a color


Here are the colors of the Cottage Collections..soon to be out on the on line store.. (Seems like it is taking so long. There was so much to launch it....but it IS coming very soon,

Right now it is time to pick a color for the interiors walls and ceilings and the exterior shutters. window boxes,and the hanging bed on the porch of the cottage project. The clients love reds and blues and yellows......and ofcourse White.. (thank goodness) White makes a tiny space feel so much larger and more open.
Any thoughts?
Hint .. the roof is red and so is the old out buildings roof.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some of the original windows and doors and walls

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Here are some interior shots of the cottage. My favorite doors are the horizonal 4 or 5 panel (they usually end up in the dumpster of most renovations.)
The interior walls were covered with 1x4 v-goove pine boards or 1x6 double beaded boards. how great is that...even if the pink is so strong..that is the reason they invented paint.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saved and coming back to life


This is a photo of my newest project. A small cottage that was slated for "updating" (once done the wonderful cottage would not have been recognizable). The roof line was scheduled to change ,the wavy glass old window were being thrown in the dumpster ,and the wonderful screen porch was to become a glassed sun room.
How thrilled I was to be ask to advise the family and help guide the process to what will be an amazing cottage.
There is a story of love and hope in this cottage that will make for a very happy ending.
The family and the talented and patient carpenters climbed in the dumpster,got the windows and returned them to their place of honor...Stay tuned
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