Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saved and coming back to life


This is a photo of my newest project. A small cottage that was slated for "updating" (once done the wonderful cottage would not have been recognizable). The roof line was scheduled to change ,the wavy glass old window were being thrown in the dumpster ,and the wonderful screen porch was to become a glassed sun room.
How thrilled I was to be ask to advise the family and help guide the process to what will be an amazing cottage.
There is a story of love and hope in this cottage that will make for a very happy ending.
The family and the talented and patient carpenters climbed in the dumpster,got the windows and returned them to their place of honor...Stay tuned
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KM said...

I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!! Your gift is SO appreciated. I love that you cherish the way things used to be, as I do to.

Also, I was wondering if you rent out your cottages on a nightly basis? My husband and I and the kids are planning a trip to NC this summer and want to stop in Savannah/Tybee on the way up there. I would love nothing more than to stay in a Jane Coslick cottage!

Please let me know if you can: karamhebert@gmail.com is my email

Thanks Jane!!!!

Kathi said...

Bless you for saving another house from ruin! This one has SO much potential! Can't wait to see what you do here!

Donna-Leigh said...

Yeah! I love your work and I am so excited to be coming to Tybee at the end of the month with my girlfriends. We are renting "The Lime Parrot" cottage because we fell in love with the photos! Can't wait to get down to Tybee Time!