Monday, February 22, 2010

View of Tybee Island's Newest Wedding Chapel Before Relocation

The chapel was built as one of the sets of a movie that was filmed on Tybee Island last summer, The island fell in love with the chapel and wanted to save it and keep it as a great memory of a wonderful summer.
It was constructed as the center of a story about family and a fire in a beautiful little chapel. It was burned and rebuilt and burned again. . The movie will be coming out this spring and I predict another busy busy summer. Here are exterior shots of the chapel before Anna performed her magic.


Jane said...

Such a lovely chapel!
Are the tents for a reception or to shade guests as they await the bridal party's exit?

I am looking for simple ideas to pass to my future DIL...(Her request! thank goodness!)

Lettered Cottage said...

Can't believe they had to burn it!

So glad it's going to be saved and put to good use! :-)