Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More of Anna Speir's Flower Magic

Anna used a simple mix of white vendella roses, white spray roses, coral roses, anna roses "pink", and garden hydrangea. The bouquet is accented with gardenia foliage, fig leaves, camellia leaves and hand tied with a tropical leaf and turquoise blue ribbon. A Simple and elegant look for any bride!

Here is a wonderful "rusty crusty" chair that Anna grabbed and used at a formal event displaying her work this week. She hung a simple antique ball jar of "Anna" roses in light pink and a hydrangea from her garden. What she can create with flowers is true ART for certain.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Study of the Jellyfish Table

Here are some shots of the wonderful, happy Jellyfish Table. Notice Chris Walker's amazing finish & detail that he applies to his work. The color of the table is Beach House Blue, a Jane Coslick Cottage Collection Color, with a unique 12-step glazing process.I will be using it in an upcoming photo shoot and as I styled the room I was amazed at what a difference the little table made in the space. This table, along with many other pieces is available at the Jane Coslick store at:

Tybee Palm

More wonderful art from Bellamy for the online store.! The oyster shell painting sold and so we added a tropical painting that has wonderful greens pinks and blues. It works well in any room and adds the great energy that only comes from original works of art.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A "Bellamy" aboard a boat

I am working on a project that takes me to the the water. My client has a new boat and needed a painting in the salon . Once he installed the new flat screen ( the favorite thing of most men) , he called me to add the special touches that makes it feel more like home. I called Bellamy , my wonderful friend and artist and ask her to visit the boat with me and "ponder" a special piece . I delivered it just in time for it's maiden cruise and the client and the boat captain were thrilled. Bellamy is amazing . She painted wonderful pieces for the ranch in Colorado and now she had brought magic to the "GoLo". More pictures on the way.
PS ( I am sure you noticed the pictured wasn't hung in the photos. The wall is leather and we had to wait for the boat captain to bring special hooks) We will be adding a few pillows and a rug working off the shade of steel blue's and grey's in the painting.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No place like home

I have been in the big city ("Atlanta Georgia") working and driving around and around and around .. and ...getting lost .. and visiting my very best friend. It was a successful trip and I found so many wonderful things. When you live at the beach and are not use to that much traffic, a trip can be exhausting. After the trip, I walked into my cottage and took one look at the peaceful white walls and the "home grown" pink zinnia's in the funky magnetic vases.....and thought.. There IS no place like home..

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A touch of Purple

How about a touch of purple to go with the lime green wall and the turquoise kitchen cabinets.(In this shot the cabinets were still white and they looked very worn and tired.) We removed some of the doors and painted the back of the cabinet. Now with the coral knobs and Chris Walker's amazing talent they look anything but tired!

The clients LOVE LOVE LOVE color and we are having a ball with it. Next we are doing a coral wall color in the guest room and I am headed to Atlanta to pick out some fun and cheerful fabric for the bed. I have a surprise for her because I found a $15.00 bamboo headboard that I painted Tybee Turquoise ( a Cottage Collection color) which will be wonderful in the small bedroom. It will make a great statement without taking up much room.

And you ask...

Where are the white walls?

Every client is different and that is what I love about my job!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One of my Favorite Things

Next Cottage...............

......Old kitchen needed a face lift ..the valence over the sink ...hides a fluorescent light... the old kitchens of the 50's and 60.... not fancy but meets the basic needs of a kitchen....
Gut the much stress and expense...... !!!!!!!

This is LESS painful, LESS expensive . and LESS invasive. I painted the backs of the cabinets purple once I removed some of doors to update. Instead of removing the cabinets completely , I painted and added a detail and changed the knobs to red coral knobs .
Color is everywhere...sheetrock walls and sooooooooo much Luscious color.... Ooozing colors from every nook and cranny .

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A home for the Fish Pillow

Remember the yellow fish pillow from my truck? It added just enough color to One Bead Cottage . I discovered these great pillows on sale at Anthropology and fell in love. I bought them in every color and am just waiting for the perfect place to use them. I think this little cottage is a pretty good place for these two. I think the hot pink ones should come home to my cottage............................! Still pondering a home for the orange and Kelley green ones. I have definitely been known to do an entire room around a pillow or two. They can be center stage or switched out for a completely different look without breaking the bank. I only use down inserts except when I am using them outside and then I use somthing that can take the moisture.