Sunday, July 25, 2010

A "Bellamy" aboard a boat

I am working on a project that takes me to the the water. My client has a new boat and needed a painting in the salon . Once he installed the new flat screen ( the favorite thing of most men) , he called me to add the special touches that makes it feel more like home. I called Bellamy , my wonderful friend and artist and ask her to visit the boat with me and "ponder" a special piece . I delivered it just in time for it's maiden cruise and the client and the boat captain were thrilled. Bellamy is amazing . She painted wonderful pieces for the ranch in Colorado and now she had brought magic to the "GoLo". More pictures on the way.
PS ( I am sure you noticed the pictured wasn't hung in the photos. The wall is leather and we had to wait for the boat captain to bring special hooks) We will be adding a few pillows and a rug working off the shade of steel blue's and grey's in the painting.


jmac said...

LOVE that piece. May I ask how big it is? Cannot wait to check out her work!

Laura Gandee said...

Beautiful!!!! I'm looking forward more photos of your design work on this boat. I've always thought boats (and RVs) were in desperate need of some great interior design. Unfortuntately, most of the ones I've see like cheap motels or gaudy vegas suites. Boats should be cozy too!


Love the beautiful artwork! Nice look. Blessings, Brook