Friday, February 28, 2014

Cohen's Retreat..A Real Treat!!!

Design Eye Candy Everywhere you look.!!!
Art, amazing designs, flowers, thing to buy(Brown Dog Market), things to eat and the amazing talent of Chad Mabry.  On the grounds around the property,Victory Garden is working hard to make the  things beautiful and it is all coming together. I stopped by yesterday and was blown away by the wonderful energy of it all.
 An event hall, "Art Tank"…..artist cottages for rent  that were designed by the wonderful store Clutter and the talent of Cathy Jarmen. It opens tomorrow ….

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Beds and pillows and pillows and beds...

I am seeking inspiration and sunshine.
 TODAY I am in sunshine heaven!!!
 My work and my play run together so I am trying to focus on fabrics and colors and pillows but the sunshine is keeping me outside just walking around.

pondering spot

things I love
I have a big deadline coming up so I decided to put polka dots on my rusty fridge at the beach to help get the creative juices flowing…… and help me focus...

white always inspires me

and so does color

and so does art
Jane Coslick "world headquarters"

a bit of shiny

a bit of bold

a bunk room for playing

My old fridge with a new "do"

My bed with colors and white and texture ..dreaming my project complete...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Tybee Island Wedding Chapel Expands…..

The Tybee Wedding Chapel is expanding with a new reception hall. Here are a few photos of the work being done. Catskill Builders (who moved the cottage that need a home (Doc Holiday Cottage) and the Big Tuna Cottage ) is working night and day  to get it completed for an upcoming event.
It is so beautiful even in this phase of the work. The chandeliers will be up soon ..and then "here come the brides, china painters and anyone else who wants make some great memories on out little island"

the original steeple is being used for this ...

working working working and they do great work..!

the boss…..Anthony Sapone  


Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day ..Blue Sky and Sunshine .…Hallelujah !!!!!

I made a fast trip to town and felt like I had crossed the ocean to some magical street in some foreign country when I saw this display at Whole Foods in Savannah.

I  just wanted to drive off in this cool old truck full of flowers  but I thought better of it……
Instead I just took some pictures.  Seeing it just made me so happy.
the truck belong to the owner of the florist

I am a flower freak and a color freak

the magic was everywhere

hydrangeas are my favorite
  I just may make it to spring… Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cottage Cottage...You Make Me Smile....!!!

I am working on several new projects with new clients and I wanted to share a few idea with them. I decided to post the photos since they do not live in Georgia....................
Cottages are big on style but usually small in size...
Cottages usually have porches and use the outdoor spaces to expand their inner walls
Cottages are no good without their windows..
Cottages reflect what is most important to you..not full of Just "stuff" .Not enough room for that
Cottage make you smile when you drive down the road toward them..
Cottages are for sharing but also for hiding in....
Cottages are dreams come true!!!
Cottages are no stress zones

Cottage pondering time..
This cottage was featured in Coastal Living Magazine a few years ago. Richard Leo Johnson Photographed it .Elizabeth Beeler styled it .Anna and I and the wonderful home owner were the helpers..We had a ball even though it was 98 degrees outside..