Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cottage Cottage...You Make Me Smile....!!!

I am working on several new projects with new clients and I wanted to share a few idea with them. I decided to post the photos since they do not live in Georgia....................
Cottages are big on style but usually small in size...
Cottages usually have porches and use the outdoor spaces to expand their inner walls
Cottages are no good without their windows..
Cottages reflect what is most important to you..not full of Just "stuff" .Not enough room for that
Cottage make you smile when you drive down the road toward them..
Cottages are for sharing but also for hiding in....
Cottages are dreams come true!!!
Cottages are no stress zones

Cottage pondering time..
This cottage was featured in Coastal Living Magazine a few years ago. Richard Leo Johnson Photographed it .Elizabeth Beeler styled it .Anna and I and the wonderful home owner were the helpers..We had a ball even though it was 98 degrees outside..


Donna-Leigh said...

Great post, Jane! I will keep this "Cottage Mandate" in mind when I am fixing up my upstate home... a beach cottage in the mountains (just fewer seashells! lol).


tammy j said...

knee deep in snow here.
temperature is 10 degrees. high today 20.
is it any wonder why I LOVE YOUR BLOG???
just the colors make me happy.
i have made my little wren house happy also with color.
let the cold winds blow!
and ps... my little wren house is a one room apartment with balcony.
it has a proud cottage spirit though!

Unknown said...

Doesn't matter where you are. Cottage exist in so many places. And they can be a place you can always go to in your mind for comfort.

Freaks, Geeks and Beauties said...

Tiffany from NY here. I spoke with you a while back.

I'm now working with Sandy McCloud. And we've got a local lender down there.

Thanks again for your recommendations!

I'm just looking at your today's post and dreaming. Hopefully soon my dreams will be a reality!

Unknown said...

so excited for you..and so glad you are serious..cant wait to meet you

JANET said...

I remember this cottage from Coastal Livng and still have that issue! In fact your design inspired me to make shutters for our home that we made cut outs of palm trees and painted the shutters lime green. Of course they are not as good as your designs or shutters.