Friday, October 29, 2010

My New Project

Here is a before photo of one of my new projects. It is the "Information Hut" for the city of Tybee Island. It just got move to it's new location and it looks sooooooo much better that it did by the old jail and police station.
LOCATION ..LOCATION.. LOCATION they say in the world of "buying and selling.". Sitting by the ocean definitly improved it.
I am using some of the Jane Coslick Colors to make it fun and happy. I see a bench, however, that may cause me to switch which color will be the body of the hut. matchy matchy here!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reinforcements Have Arrived & My 1st Giveaway

(Giveaway Now Closed)

Hi everyone,

I'm sitting here with my good friend, Crystal Dorsey of Olive Rue and we're playing around with Blogger today. Because  I'm technically blog challenged, Crystal is showing me some tips and tricks. We've changed the background color to a light aqua. How does it look?  We're also playing around with hyper links, photos and all that good stuff.

In other sure to swing by my store at: JaneCoslickCottage I've just added a new Bellamy painting. It's the triple oyster painting and it's gorgeous.

And I'm excited to offer my first giveaway which will be an autographed copy of Cottages. This book was written by Brian Coleman & Douglas Kiester and it features several of the cottages I've restored and designed here at Tybee. To enter just leave me a comment on this post. Also if you don't have a blog please be sure to leave your name and e-mail address. I would love to know what area you are visiting from. The drawing will be held on Wednesday, Novermber 3rd at 5:00PM EST. Good luck!

And because every post is better with photos.... we leave you with a photo of my buddy, Putty. He belongs to my good friends ,Bobby and Suzanne..
This shutter headboard was a" trash to treasure" find. ...someone had discarded them ( probably to replace them with new vinyl shutters).  Little did they know. .They would never have believed their old peeling-many-coats wooded shutters would end up hanging on a wall ,featured in a book, and enjoyed by so many. LUCKY ME!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Luscious Little Coffee Table

Here is a sneak peek at the Luscious Little Coffee Table.. Anna and I think it would be a great bench too. It will be for sale on the store soon.. as soon as I can "cut and paste". I am not so good at that yet but re-enforcements are on the way. The shape of the leg is from and old newel post that inspired Chris and Glen to build and use as a leg.

Don't you just love creative people!!! That is what I love most about the blog world . It has given a chance for so many to create such beautiful thing to share with each other.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bellamy and Coastal Living

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Bellamy's oyster shell painting is featured on page 38 of the November issue Of Coastal Living Magazine. When they were styling the shoot they needed a great piece that would pull the room together, so we let them use the one from the on line store. ( . Here is one of Richard's Johnsons great beauty shots of that oyster shell painting. Bellamy is a wonderful artist and they failed to credit her for this article I am !!! I love Coastal Living Magazine but they are bad about "not giving credit when credit is due".If they still have their blog hope they will make it up to her. (

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Before..Old Shutters / After...New Fun Doors

My client found these two old shutters on a shopping trip . They were not a matching pair but were in very good shape and unique. I decided we could paint them a bright color and make them the doors to the storage space under the stairwell. This is the Mudroom....Oops.. I mean Sand Room.... so it worked out as a great detail with the floor and blackboard and the storage bench. .

Friday, October 22, 2010

Crabaritaville Shutter As A Twin Headboard


This is a twin headboard made from the shutter we call ..Crabaritaville.They are sold on the store as shutters but make fun and happy headboards. They could be attached on the wall or with real hinges for the authentic look or as a custom order made into a headboard.( They can even be ordered as a door for a pantry or for a cabinet) The shutter is painted in the cotttage collection color "melon" ( as shown on the store) but they would be great in any of the JANE COSLICK COLORS .. WWW.Jane Coslick Cottage

Thursday, October 21, 2010

And Again!!!! Shutters for Cabinet Doors

This is the kitchen with the sink facing a wall with no view. BIG NO NO!!!! If your house is on a slab and it can't be changed ...a little "thinking outside the box" works great.

Tried again!!!

I styled a large house in a day( so the clients would fall in love with their house since nothing is selling is) so I was very tired. to wound up to sleep so I blogged...or tried to at least..SO SORRY...I am trying again. Thanks to all of you.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shutters for a Pantry Door

In my unconventional kitchen, I made a pantry from a pair of shutters. I also made the kitchen cabinet doors out of two smaller shutters. I had purchased 10 pair of yummy blue grey shutters from a great store called Seventh Heaven in the city. ( Savannah) I had used them on several different projects over several months and had two pair left that were two different sizes. I was working on my boring and weird new house so I decided I would try something a little different....
I was plesantly surprised by the finished product. The smaller cabinets doors are on the previous post..SORRY

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Art class.. The Floor at Fish Camp Cottage

How great is this. One of my favorite cottages thru the eyes of the oh-so-talented students of Anna's art class. I LOVE It!!!!! ( Fish Camp Cottage photo of the kitichen and the yellow and white tile floor is on my website. )

Monday, October 18, 2010

Update on The Teacher!

Here is Anna's class room and a few photos I found on our camera. With not much budget , Anna created wonderful energy with her giant paint brushes right outside of her classroom.

This is the beginning of Anna Speir's (my assistant) project her with 5th graders in Art. ( september 11th blog)This is an example of her prototype for the class. "Looks like a Jane Coslick Cottage" with it's ZEBRA shutters!

She has created a project on two Georgia Artist! Beverly Buchanan(Athen's Georgia) and me "Jane Coslick" cottages and Shacks! This is just an update about the teacher and her students. I believe in art and I can tell Anna is as great an art teacher as she is a photographer and designer.

Stars Of The Sea Shutter Headboard

Here is a shutter headboard made the shutters that are sold on my online store. What a glorious way to wake up. I made them into a headboard for "99 steps to the beach". (The euro shams are also sold there.)
The different shutters are from some of the cottages I have designed , and are the inspiration for these types of headboards. . People are always asking for things that are featured in the articles from different magazines . It is a slow process but I have amazing and talented people helping me work on this. Sometimes, I feel like I am living on "Tybee Time", the laid back island slow-lane lifestyle!

Tybee Island is a wonderful place to live but there is one problem...... If you have to go to work "off island" ...and don't leave by 10:00 am.....You can't leave !!! The warm sunshine on nice morning like a giant magnet that draws you to take a walk on the beach.

Back in a bit.........................

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Home for the other pair of great shutters

It is amazing how much the addition of the shutters brought the space to life. Some windows are constructed in a way there is no trim around the window. The window is recessed and sheet rock meets the window. By adding the shutters we framed the window to add some interest.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My latest Headboard Project

Found these shutters on a trip to Scott's. Fell in love because of the color, the details and the great old hardware. Funny thing, it is as if I had "ordered" them. My client stopped by as I was unloading them and said "For Me?" (sound in Jane's truck is a favorite pastime of ALL of my clients).

They did work perfectly with the bed linens, and the great blanket at the foot of the bed . There were 3 pairs of the shutters and they would have gone great in any room of the clients beach house. Luckily, they were in need of a fun headboard and had waited several years for the "perfect " one.
We used two pair for the queen size bed and the other two we hung on either side of her denim sofa on her " Seaweed"" colored walls. The color, along with "Minnow" ,the wall color in this photo, can be seen . Click Jane's Colors.

Monday, October 11, 2010

My very own headboard !!

I gave up that great piece (Oct 6th post)for the client because it was "The Perfect Thing" for the space. I was sad but it was so wonderful for the room.
As luck would have it, my "Perfect Thing" did showed up and I Love love love it!!! It was the back of the seat on the old carousel at Pawleys Island,South Carolina. I bought it because I loved the patina and actually I did not know what I was going to do with it. The woman I bought it from had it 30 years and she never knew what to do with it either.

I say....

If all else fails......make it a headboard!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun and Funky and Beachy Headboard

How about a beach cottage named FLIP FLOP (Rented thru

We were fluffing and had a small budget. I had purchased a pair of old shutters from a friend who said "these look like jane coslick stuff"....she was right..... They would not be right for most places but this fun spirited cottage was the perfect home. We cut the shutters in half and screwed them to the wall to create a headboard. This is the Master Bedroom and it is a very comfortable and cozy space.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A few thoughts about Headboards

One of my favorite things is making a headboard out of something unusual. I have used old doors, old shutters, new shutters,fabrics, old carousels bench backs , old pieces of architechure and even reproduced old pieces .I bought this great piece for my own bed room but my client fell in love with it before I could get it out of my truck and hung on my own wall. This photograph does not really do it justice . The paint was very faded but it had just the right worn patina to drawn you in to its texture and color tones . The view of the ocean from the bed and the sound of the waves completed the Perfect Spot for a great nights rest .The morning view....sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean....what a way to begin the day.......

Friday, October 1, 2010

One Lucky Dog

I snapped this photo today while trying out the "repaired" camera. This is my dog, LUCKY. I tell people, "I saved his life ..and he ruined mine". He is 13 years old now and rather calm . In his youth , however , he was awful. When I found him, I had to take him to "reform school" to help his social skills.....It never really worked!

He does like slip covered vintage chintz, however..... and so do I.