Saturday, November 24, 2012

Let The Decorating Begin!!!!!

Anna ( the Amazing) came to Bead Cottage to help me ponder the porch and prepare for the tour. She has the talent and skill to create in "15 seconds or less"....... lighting speed!!!! Beside being an artist and art teacher,  Anna does flowers , weddings ,oyster shell chandeliers, oyster shell  lamps and wonderful Christmas decorations. She even snapped these photos as we dashed out the door to Coral  Cottage....
When she arrived, we began moving furniture and fluffing things . Even though she is now teaching , she came to energize the project and decorate a tiny cottage.
. Cottage don't have unlimited space for things like giant snow villages or miles and miles of garland. What they do have is spots here and there for bits of tinsel and glitter,or fresh greens and natural burlap ribbon. It doesn't take much and the impact is huge.
hot pink Christmas..view from the porch to the bedroom
the garland started at my office ( the pink fake polka dot bathing suit was created and used at a tour of homes 10 years ago.. )It appeared in the decoration box so maybe we will use it somewhere....
Old Metal Santa belong to my grandfather and then to my mother and now it is mine for a while. Even though it has seen better days it  still lights up and blinks so it  will have a place of honor at the tour.

the screen porch at Bead Cottage is as large as the house. I added it when I restored the cottage and it over looks the swimming pool. 
 Bead is a vacation rental now. by Tybee Cottages. It could  be ready for guest right after the tour is over .
Bead Cottage was featured in Cottage Living Magazine. when it was still around . It is now featured in FRESH IDEAS special publications that has some of the timeless cottages from the magazine.

my favorite "find" last year..a turquoise  glittery tree skit for my tiny tree(.Target $8.00).
this little tree is make from  pieces of screening and wired together and sprayed green.The beads are wired and glued to the screen.This door is one of my favorites...the cottage is one of my favorites. see you on the 8th of December...
Holy cow!!..I better get to work!!!  That is two weeks from today.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

400 square feet of Magic!!!

A Tiny simple cottage that touches your soul when you walk thru the door.
art and Tybee Turquoise..and lots of white!!!

a tiny stove....but it can cook the turkey!!!

one big room with wall dividers
and  a beautiful Bellamy oyster painting

pocket windows and more great art

the bar   for "bed and breakfast"

tiny shells with Tybee Turquoise
the guest room in ticket boot

a tiny table makes for the island and extra counter space

A Tiny beach house helping to raise money for a spay and neuter Come see it in person.......
You can also sleep there if you would like to... Contact Mermaid to rent Old Love cottage.

Happy colors!!!!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Old Love Cottage

The Luscious Little Cottage was restored in 2009. It is located next door to my cottage, 99 steps to the beach. I called it 99 1/2 steps because together the two cottages are less than 1500 square feet . It was the home of one of my best friends and we had years of good times together.
When they decided to sell,I had to buy it to protect  it from being torn down.
The Family that now owns it named it OLD LOVE. It will be one of the stars of the Holiday Cottage tour on  December 8th


When I restored it, I decided to paint it pink ..Name of the pink in my cottage collection( Luscious Little Cottage Pink)

funky roof lines

no room for the washer and dryer inside.......SO

created the color from the pink beach lilies that grew in the yard.
Old love is 425 square feet and the ticket booth outside is 220 square feet.

this tiny space was the ticket booth whe the the train was the only way to get to Tybee Island. It is now a bedroom.

the cottage is a happy place
love the tiny window over the kitchen sink

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cottages Have Different Personalities...

 some cottages are full of color and  pattern
 some cottages are naturals and white

cottages usually have screen doors on their pantry

and small kitchen's with big personalities

even if they are tiny kitchens

 a dining room of many colors

and a dining room of white

and dining rooms on porches
and dining rooms in kitchens
and  vintage dining room
cottages have outside windows inside

windows with views completely thru the cottage

cottages have picket fences

and outside showers

and makeshift closets...
We are having a fundraiser and sharing the cottages to raise money for a low cost spay and neuter clinic in Chatham County. Check out the site

Monday, November 12, 2012

Help Us Spread the Word!

Hello friends. I need your help please. We are trying to help spread the word about our Holiday Cottage Tour fundraiser. So if you could be a doll and share this on your blog, or facebook page, tweet it or pin it. We would greatly appreciate all your help. (Click on photo to enlarge)


Sunday, November 11, 2012

One Cottage ..Two Cottage..Three Cottage ..Four

I have been working off island  on a design  project that is very traditional( kinda.. sorta). I have been wearing my interior designer "hat" and working on granite counter top choices.,cabinet styles, floor plans, lighting upgrades and colors selections  . It is miles from the cottages of Tybee Island in distance AND  in size and it has made me aware how unique cottages really are in the world today. The client and the builder have never been to any of the cottage so I am definitely sending them an ticket for the fundraiser.
On my drives back and forth to the job,I am  planning the fluffing of the cottages....what to do and when to do it....
I made up a silly poem
One cottage..two cottage... three cottage...four
It time to get ready for the cottage tour.....
 (sitting at too many stop lights.)

 I think cottages have a special quality and they evoke an energy that is simple and inviting.
a friend of mine gave me this great piece of block art
 Each one has a different story to tell.  Some can be rented for vacations and some are personal homes. One of the cottages is owned by our favorite famous author... the wonderful and talented Mary Kay Andrews. Mary Kay has a new E book coming out.( I wish I had an Ipad or Kindle) . She is fun and funny and I am so grateful she is sharing her amazing cottage. She named it Tybee Breeze after one of her novels  (Savannah Breeze one of my favorites).It is a Mermaid Cottages vacation rental and it is yummy!!!
Remember the magazine Cottage Living? I still miss it and I think it captured the style of living "Cottage". (My new term I just made up)It is relaxed and casual and happy ....Not perfect, but perfection.
 A few cottage elements...

soothing colors

happy colors

relaxed living

colorful living

porch colors

lots of color

a bit of color

serious color

not serious at all

seriously elegant

seriously different

serious cottage transportation is the link about the Jane Coslick Cottages Holiday  Tour details. Please share and pass the word. It is a worthy cause ... a low cost spay and neuter clinic.. an investment in a better life for the dog and cats ..check it out  and come join in the fun.