Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Punch List for The Coral Cottage

Daylight Savings Time.
I have never understood this..
I have no clocks in my office or my cottage....
(My Mom always said.."If you don't know what time it is you don't know your late....)

It  totally confuses my sleep time and when to feed the kitties( they don't know about Daylight savings time ) and when to schedule the first appointment of the day...
Wake up with the sun and go to sleep with the moon.....

The Good Thing.....
I have a project that is almost complete.
We are down to the PUNCH LIST..( the "if you don't get it done I am going to punch  you in the nose" list)
Just Kidding!!

The last few things that need correcting or finishing before the contractor leaves and decorating begins.
I do my best work while I am sleeping ( wish I could bill for that time) and I am working on this  punch list  even while I am sleeping, it seems.
Attention  to detail comes into play now in any restoration project.  This list is a great way to wrap up a project. There is something very satisfying about checking things off a list.

Here is a peek ...

We still need some landscaping ....but it is looking wonderful!!!


Her name is Vicky Patton and she has even created a blog about this adventure . She is a very talented writer and we have a so much fun creating  The Coral Cottage. You will enjoy her blog and on this post  the "Before" of the cottage is shown.


AND the  contractor is especially  very very happy!!!!!!
It has been a great project and it has been a pleasure  getting to know both of them.
  The Coral Cottage will be part of the fundraiser for the low cost spay and neuter clinic that the Humane Society is having December 8th on Tybee Island. The Jane Coslick Cottage Holiday Tour. Seventeen of the  cottages will be on the tour  and I will be sharing some photos of each of them  over the next few weeks. They will all be decorated in the "Tybee Christmas Style" which includes lots of lights and turquoise and pinks. There is definitely something magic about a palm tree full of lights in the quite darkness of a little quirky beach town.

Ticket locations and Details to follow..



Kathi said...

LOVE the exterior colors! It looks great!!!

Can't wait to see what you do inside. :D

hong kong property said...

pretty house.=)

Kathi said...

Hi Jane,
I received an email today from I did not reply because I was not sure it was really from you?

It said I had won your give-a-way and asked for my mailing address.

Please let me know if this is real?
Thanks, Kathi

Unknown said...

it is definitely real..Been trying to contact you.!!!