Saturday, November 24, 2012

Let The Decorating Begin!!!!!

Anna ( the Amazing) came to Bead Cottage to help me ponder the porch and prepare for the tour. She has the talent and skill to create in "15 seconds or less"....... lighting speed!!!! Beside being an artist and art teacher,  Anna does flowers , weddings ,oyster shell chandeliers, oyster shell  lamps and wonderful Christmas decorations. She even snapped these photos as we dashed out the door to Coral  Cottage....
When she arrived, we began moving furniture and fluffing things . Even though she is now teaching , she came to energize the project and decorate a tiny cottage.
. Cottage don't have unlimited space for things like giant snow villages or miles and miles of garland. What they do have is spots here and there for bits of tinsel and glitter,or fresh greens and natural burlap ribbon. It doesn't take much and the impact is huge.
hot pink Christmas..view from the porch to the bedroom
the garland started at my office ( the pink fake polka dot bathing suit was created and used at a tour of homes 10 years ago.. )It appeared in the decoration box so maybe we will use it somewhere....
Old Metal Santa belong to my grandfather and then to my mother and now it is mine for a while. Even though it has seen better days it  still lights up and blinks so it  will have a place of honor at the tour.

the screen porch at Bead Cottage is as large as the house. I added it when I restored the cottage and it over looks the swimming pool. 
 Bead is a vacation rental now. by Tybee Cottages. It could  be ready for guest right after the tour is over .
Bead Cottage was featured in Cottage Living Magazine. when it was still around . It is now featured in FRESH IDEAS special publications that has some of the timeless cottages from the magazine.

my favorite "find" last year..a turquoise  glittery tree skit for my tiny tree(.Target $8.00).
this little tree is make from  pieces of screening and wired together and sprayed green.The beads are wired and glued to the screen.This door is one of my favorites...the cottage is one of my favorites. see you on the 8th of December...
Holy cow!!..I better get to work!!!  That is two weeks from today.



Leslie-Anne said...

Oh, how I wish I lived near your little island. I would love to go on your tour.

Billie Cassidy said...

I know exactly who you are talking about! She is amazing!! She taught at my son's school for several years and we miss her terribly!!! Love your work!