Monday, July 28, 2014


A historic cottage for sale on Isle of Hope. The cottage sits on a street named Rose. It is two houses away from the Isle of Hope Marina and the intra coastal waterway.  The street is wonderful and the neighbors are even more wonderful!!!. It is a true neighborhood in every sense of the word.

 circa 1945.  The original owner of the house is the person the street was named for.

The porch is the perfect place to watch the world go by….. 

  the back porch and  fenced in side yard 

one of the outbuildings…..   a great office/ guest room or outdoor kitchen

the attached shed is "The Boat builder's Shed". Beautiful wooded boats were built here….

 Here is the boat builders shed in action!!!!.( great place for parties..our Christmas day party photo)
 outdoor space…Cottages expand interior space by "living outside the walls ".
outdoor fire pit from vintage jelly pot
fire pit in action….

being about boats….

a very bike friendly place…..

The Skidaway River

Wonderful Bluff Drive

Paxton Park

the wonderful island history

laid back life on the Isle of Hope ……. we don't even "hang" our hanging  baskets…...


to be continued…..

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Porches Porches and More Porches..

Slowing down and just sitting on the porch..... a real luxury in the fast paced world of today.
I design porches with comfortable seating and durable fabrics.

the light is from Bolt House
My cottage shutters add the finishing touch

I am a serious porch lover. Sitting on the porch..sleeping on the porch entertaining on the porch (or making a temporary porch office)... Often I add an electric fireplace that looks like a wood burning stove for wintering on a porch............and a fan for the summer and springtime on a porch.
sleeping porches are magical

hanging  swinging beds are popular

outdoor curtains with sleeping porches....a great combination!!!!

mix and match of outdoor pillows and furniture

a wonderful way to pass the time away/ a Richard Leo Johnson photo styling by Elizabeth Beeler

porches with an ocean the list  another great Richard leo Johnson photo styling by Elizabeth Beeler

porches expand living space in tiny cottages

Happy colors...comfortable matresses

this porch is as large as the cottage itself

never forget about the hammock.....

 the big question is "To screen or not to screen" .If you use the charcoal grey color you visibility is still very good. Screening makes it more private and protects against the bug.
NOTE: Do not use the so called screen sold to keep bug out...because it keeps out the BREEZE... and fresh air.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Diary of a Displaced Designer……..Chapter One

Dear Diary,

I have restored , sold, saved, remodeled , redesigned and brought back to life some 80 or so places.
I am  now embarking on a path at the General Store( that has been my office since 1986.) It was built around 1900 and was the post office at the Isle of Hope and Kensey's store or the "General store". I have restore it about 10 times over the years since I bought it. I will dig up the "before" and during photos to share with you.

I am  selling the store and buying a little cottage 200 yards down the street that my son and his wife own. They are having twins in November and need a larger home, so I am buying their cottage. I own the lot next door and plan to design and build a "new but feels old" little cottage.
I have decided to record my new journey on the blog….. hoping to get my blogging friends to  pass on their wonderful and humorous  comments ,words of wisdom and funny thoughts… moral support..when I begin pulling my hair out.
You know, next to death and marriage moving is the most stressful thing. The boxes multiply when you are not looking and the "stuff" just keeps on coming.
Designer have soooooo many books and papers and fabrics and pillows and plans and photographs….Even thought we are on computer and try to be paperless…  it is unbelievable!!!
You WILL see. I am lucky to have Eleanor Foster who helps with bill paying and computer and iPad, Ipod and  Iphone and whatever  other challenge arises ….Her business Organized  Matters  is amazing. Believer me, I am her BIGGEST challenge!!!!!

The "General Store" circa 1900 Isle of Hope Georgia USA

welcome to my world..
the foyer complete with papers on "the pondering Throne"

"kitties are king " notice the tuna…and the scratching post
the work space

the funky art boho room with the closet full to the brim with pillows and such

the bed room ( my other son lived there while he went to film school at SCAD)

the kitchen area

looking front to back … I moved the papers on the "pondering throne"

the office revolves around Lance the office kitty…( kitty food on my desk)

we have the need for color…always

Lance the WONDERFUL office kitty

Lance sitting on some of the 10 million  receipts..

the fabric focus in the boho art den

the kitchen at its cleanest
the back yard with my lonely vintage Grumman canoe
Onward and Upward…..