Sunday, July 13, 2014

Porches Porches and More Porches..

Slowing down and just sitting on the porch..... a real luxury in the fast paced world of today.
I design porches with comfortable seating and durable fabrics.

the light is from Bolt House
My cottage shutters add the finishing touch

I am a serious porch lover. Sitting on the porch..sleeping on the porch entertaining on the porch (or making a temporary porch office)... Often I add an electric fireplace that looks like a wood burning stove for wintering on a porch............and a fan for the summer and springtime on a porch.
sleeping porches are magical

hanging  swinging beds are popular

outdoor curtains with sleeping porches....a great combination!!!!

mix and match of outdoor pillows and furniture

a wonderful way to pass the time away/ a Richard Leo Johnson photo styling by Elizabeth Beeler

porches with an ocean the list  another great Richard leo Johnson photo styling by Elizabeth Beeler

porches expand living space in tiny cottages

Happy colors...comfortable matresses

this porch is as large as the cottage itself

never forget about the hammock.....

 the big question is "To screen or not to screen" .If you use the charcoal grey color you visibility is still very good. Screening makes it more private and protects against the bug.
NOTE: Do not use the so called screen sold to keep bug out...because it keeps out the BREEZE... and fresh air.


CIELO said...

Lovely... thank you for the ideas. Now to embellish my front porch! ;)


AndeM1 said...

Jane.....I would live on any of those gorgeous porches! I vote for keep those bugs out!

Kim said...

So pretty, Jane. Yours was the first blog I ever followed and these sweet pictures reminded me why! :) We have a screened in porch and I really need to add some d├ęcor. It's just so relaxing out there, I can't get motivated to get off the couch to do anything, but be!