Monday, January 30, 2012

Beautiful Blufffton................

I went shopping in beautiful Bluffton South Carolina yesterday and I want to share this place with everyone. It is a small historic town located on the georgous May River right over the "big bridge" 40 minutes from Tybee Island.

Their wonderful motto is :
Bluffton is a state of mind  ..and that is so true. ....

my client who LOVES leopard definitely needs this..HOW Fun!!!!!!

I am IN love!!!!

I could move right in today!!!

some happy shoppers.........
how about a nice purple pelican?

the artist is Pierce Giltner and the subject is the fabulous shop owner Babbie Guscio

I bought myself a few presents ..for next Christmas or my birthday ..whichever comes first and a piece of art by my friend and the owner of Egg' S' tricities, Nancy Golson.
Sissy , the cat, likes it and thinks it has great energy. If you have ever tried to throw a cast net to catch some shrimp ..You KNOW how much energy that takes. (Sissy loves Shrimp!)

More... next post... More shopping in Bluffton ....for fabrics at great prices!!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mission Accomplished.. A Boat , A New York Apartment, A Beach Cottage....

Before Christmas I was hired to pull together a condo for a client that sold his house on the Isle of Hope and moved to a condo  on Tybee Island. His long range plan is a farm house and land but for now he is creating a "nest " for work and a place for his grown children to visit. He had been doing some serious pondering and had so many pictures and art that were very  important to him. His goal..a apartment in New York..and a beach cottage for his girls.
I am all about "surround yourself with the things you love" and make "your home ...your style".
 In my opinion, cookie cutter design is boring. It takes making it personal to makes it wonderful!!!!
I met with the client and he shared the research and limited budget.

WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO ?.............................Save him money..Pick out paint colors... ..find places in his condo for 70 pieces of art....and get it done  before his children arrive on Christmas Eve.

I took a deep breathe, divided all the art and prints into categories and took off to shop in the "tiny budget mode".

Can I just say..the design fairies understood my situation (not   to mention I had NOT done my own Christmas shopping) and I was able to accomplish the mission. We still have his own bedroom , a great back splash for his kitchen and a few odds and ends to wrap up. We are planning a visit to his storage unit to see what treasure are waiting for us.

what luck finding the great neutral down filled throw pillows.....

the throw was on sale and added a punch of the color that seemed to be in most all of the prints and photographs of New York

the old school desk is a family piece

the children's desk(when they were small)  complete with their glitter graffiti  .Used it as the night stand.

all these old hats were his fathers hats.....

the painting on the right hung in his mother's  hallway for as long as he can remember.......

I love this one especially

his collection of different ship  prints and the old photographs of New York 

his father was in the ship building business

we needed to removed the screens and wash the windows.....

Clean windows are one the most underrated parts of  good design............

the paintings , the shutters and chest were part of his "stuff" we put to good use.

found these fun throw pillow to work with the awning stripe shams from my store.

love this.....and hung it... art project that had survived the years!!!!!
              Home Sweet Home...for now...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Emmaline's Birthday Surprise!!!!!

Anna called me to help create a birthday surprise for her niece's 13th birthday. She painted an old sleigh bed the color of her favorite scarf

The guys brought the bed and mattress up stair to what had been an empty off white bedroom...walls and carpet.................

She want to create a fun bedroom ( we had three hours) for Emmaline as a surprise. Of course she had IRONED the beautiful white sheets and pillow cases and the room had the beginnings of  her magic.
Her other inspirations were 2 beach house blue pom pom euro shams, a fun sock monkey with polka dots and stripes and a yellow green fan. I walked in with a green scarf and and an eggplant jacket on and  I was perfect for the room.....color...color ... and more color!!!!!

the soft freshly ironed sheets................

Anna knows I am ALWAYS up for creating fun and happy spaces. (especially for a surprise)  We had such fun making this room for Emmaline. We took off to my storage unit and my office to pull and dig and grab some pieces for the room.
The Isle of Hope table, The Jellyfish Table, and The Luscious Little Table from  my on line store were thrilled to be included. Some of my "I dont know why I love this piece so much" storage unit treasures together with  things we pulled and grabbed and pondered (for 10 seconds or less) filled Anna's car and my truck.

the monkey looks thrilled at his  seat on the new pillows ..............

a vintage piece of string art (a gift from one of Anna's friends) had all of the colors plus some....................

The Luscious Little table in key lime parrot green and some art from the wall of the office...pondering fabric but a wee bit short on time...............
the monkey likes it here too!!!
a funky shot across the bed into the sitting nook
the jelly fish table in beach house blue worked great with the shams
Looks like we succeeded in creating a " Happy Place" for the birthday surprise................................

Even the pup seemed to like the room..............
a visitor feels right at home.....

she also dressed for the space...............

Happy Birthday Emmaline!!!!!!!!!!

A good time was had by all!!!!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

OK................The Photos

Not sure what happened or the machine....nothing would upload. New post.... new outlook.. and thanks for all your great energy. I can't believe how great my "shrinking" is working.
I have always believed ..."surround yourself with the things you love"...I have decided to ROTATE them because I do not have room for all of the things I one time.
sorry about the cord showing....all photos are the real thing!!!

Removed the closet to the left of the bed....(who needs a closet)...... so the bed can center on the anticipation of my funky merry go round headboard. The sunshine streams in to the room to warm the winter soul.

White uncomplicates it all.
Throw pillowsTarget(last summer). Euros Ralph Lauren . Homegoods..lime green throw pillow( last year). Pinecone Hill Blanket(yummy soft cotton polka dot security blanket...) Using what I have .. works for now. Blanche Nettles Powers is the artist. She is a wonderful artist and good friend.  Will be filling the walls in this room with several of her pieces. 

The security guard!!!! Love palm tree textures ..Camp Palm Tree is coming to life.!!!!

a few things that make me very happy.................

my favorite bowl.. my favorite vase.. and the amazing   art who creates wonderful art from shells and old  bottles .

zinc beveled glass.. I love prisms and these pieces of vintage beveled glass create amazing prisms  when the sun shines through.. On the window sill they go............