Sunday, January 8, 2012

Moving to Camp Palm Tree...................

You 've heard..."Next to death and marriage...moving is the most stressful thing".
Next week it happens!!!
Of course the cottage isn't ready and I have 2000 square feet of furniture to move in to 621 square feet...( not to mention my clothes, my pink bike and my 4 cats)
The closet is still wet with paint and old footed tub has not been refinished. I had forgotten that the bottom was still rough where someone had tried to clean it with muricatic acid and pitted the bottom.
First thing on the list tomorrow a professional.

Here is the security guard. I just love love love palm trees!!!!

It is definitely a happy place..I give it that much. I am using what I have until I can dig deep into my storage unit to find the 65 or 66 favorite things I own.( that will pretty much fill up the cottage) The serious problem with that is..."I love it all so much and I enjoy my things". I am a serious treasurer hunter and right now my storage unit is full and my office is full and my truck is full. My favorites are on loan to friends who need styling and in my other shed on Isle of Hope(that may turn into a cottage at ony moment..but not this month)
When I sold A Bohemian Cottage in September I left it full of furniture that I love and miss . The new owner loves it as much as I so it's fine. I have been restoring and furnishing and designing and creating for years. ....and leaving favorite things along the way.

I found this photo Richard leo Johnson took 12 years ago looking into the living room dining room and kitchen. I scanned it to share.That man is so talented !!!!

HATS for the sunshine....where is that sun screen? It is going to be 78 degrees today and  I will be walking the beach pondering my future. Sometimes there are bumps in the road of life and I need some time for some serious pondering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Wish me luck . I will share some photos of the process.........


Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

Can you regard yourself as a sort of decor Johnny Appleseed, leaving beautiful interiors and exteriors in your wake?

Katy said...

Jane who do you use for tub refinishing? I've got the same tub and I think I need to have it redone. Plus the old cast iron sinks!

One thing at a time. Someone recently said to me (when I felt overwhelmed with the house stuff) was to "take it bird by bird".

Sandy said...

Only a few of the photos are coming through. I would love to see all of them.

Unknown said...

Dont know what happe ed. Will re do when i get back to the computer. Thanks for your thoughts.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh how I want to revel in some JANE...but I only see one image....but it IS gorgeous, that is the little house you will be in?? Such high ceilings! The safest, most uncomplicated move to you....and um....if you needto "unload" more hands are empty!

jmac said...

I can't see either...waaaaaaa. Jane, you have made such an impact with your decorating and bldg in matter what happens, know how revered you are! You make a difference.

nannykim said...

for some reason only one photo is showing in this post right at this moment(the one scanned) I will check back later , I hope!

Lettered Cottage said...

Janie Lane!
I'm so happy you're moving into the Palm Cottage! That little place is wonderful and I can't wait to come over and visit you again this Summer!

MUST call you soon...I miss you!