Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweet Little Splash Shack..........................

I fluffed a  wonderful little cottage with Anna today. We have so much fun moving thing around and making list and brainstorming for this cottage.
It is a vacation rental by
The beach isn't within walking distance but it has a wonderful swimming pool and the beach is a 3 1/2 minute drive to Northbeach and lots of parking. The Tybee light house and the North Beach Grill are also right there.

It  is a true cottage that just wraps around you when you enter the gate and you feel relaxed and comfortable from the first moment you step up on the porch.

Normally the margarita's sit on the (little school desk turned porch bar)... waiting for Jimmy Buffet  to sing to you...

a great chair for ready the newest novel by mary kay andrew's SPRING BREAK.

living room

the kitchen

vintage dresser

living simply...flip flops and bathing suit  
some nice happy colors...(new pillows for my Etsy store)

2nd bedroom

a twin and a full bed....very cozy ....very vintage

how about a dip?

pool bedroom .. wake up and have nice dip in the pool..

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last Week In Review....

It was a busy week.. There was an article in our local paper about the book I have 6 cottages published in from Australia. It was great PR for Tybee Island and I was proud of it all...COAST.LIFESTYLE ARCHITECTURE.

Next.."Design in a Day"
Anna is out of school for the summer and she is helping me with my new project.".Design in a day" we call it. Actually it takes two full days and the project is 99% done right down to the bar of soap in the shower and the beds made and ready for guest.

I had to share this great photo of Anna sitting at the Purple Pickel..It made smile when I saw it.

The fabrics I am using for this project make me smile also. You know how much I love color so I am thrilled with these great fabrics...............

My job isn't all pretty things.......................

 Often it begins here or like this.  I guess that is why when the project is complete and it looks beautiful..I remember what it took to get to the BEAUTIFUL stage.
discovery and making a plan B

the cabinet are not worth saving because they are not wood inside and have begun falling apart...unexpected added expense but worth doing it right

old counter tops and sink

Stay tuned for more of the beautiful part!!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fooled the Experts......

I love it.. I fooled the experts!!!!!! This  Old House Magazine on line has a story about  one of my favorite projects...Not an old house but a new house that feels like an old house.
the stove...  how fun is this
the laundry center with one of Anna's ONE OF A KIND oyster shell and beach glass chandeliers

To view all of the images go to:,,20366911,00.html

It  was a NEW house built to feel like an old house....It took about  a year to build and all the carpenters we so open  to doing things a little bit differently.  Richard Leo Johnson photographed it is a beautiful manner and Elizabeth Beeler styled it . Anna and I helped her and as always we had such fun.
The owners loved the "idea" of an old house but with the conveniences of a new house. They were open for new ideas and different ways to use the great old thing that they had been collecting. They had the best of both worlds ocean front with an equally as beautiful view to the right.
My dilemma....focus of the seating arrangement...which view....
I solved the problem by swivel club chairs around an ottoman that can be for feet  or with a large  tray (as a table)
They are all avid readers so comfy was also important......

It is right on the beach so  a great outdoor shower is high on the list of "got to have"

 The porch...with a view

I designed the hanging bed from a photograph the owner had been saving for several years. The mattress, and throw pillows are covered in outdoor fabric  to protect them. ...The magic spot for reading a good book or sleeping the afternoon away.

 Clink on the link above and enjoy the  photographs.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Greetings From The Outdoor Shower at 99 Steps

Here is an update on 99 Steps to the beach. One of the favorite things that guest love is the outdoor shower. Private..... but the warm sun or big ol' moon shine down from above.

The path to the shower
the stairs go up to the tiny deck

The shower head is a copper magnolia. It has lost several of it' s petals and leaves so I need to get it restored and polished

                                                                   looking back toward the screen porch with the door open

                                                                      mirror mirror on the wall...............complete with fun hooks
                                                              I need to get the beachy keen green paint off of the leaf.. 

the beach is not the beach with out a bit of pink!!!!~
I love the hydrangea's blue against the" beachy keen green"
spooky standing guard over the porch
the door to the hooks (urban outfitters)
sweet dream above my head..this was a carousel  seat back from the old Pawleys  island merry go round 1929.
this all came with me from 'A  Bohemian cottage' when I moved.
(When you move take the things you love and you will quickly feel at home in  your  new space)

added a shoe closet to look as if it had always been there

my cowgirl hat for a curtain hold back..
my favourite new thing. I bought it a 'weekend ' market on the light house grounds last month. It is a  paper weight but HOW did they make it?
My suite case is packed for an upcoming road trip. I have some headboards and some old window to deliver to some new friend's.

At the beach.. "the perfection is in the imperfection".....
Works for me!!!!