Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last Week In Review....

It was a busy week.. There was an article in our local paper about the book I have 6 cottages published in from Australia. It was great PR for Tybee Island and I was proud of it all...COAST.LIFESTYLE ARCHITECTURE.

Next.."Design in a Day"
Anna is out of school for the summer and she is helping me with my new project.".Design in a day" we call it. Actually it takes two full days and the project is 99% done right down to the bar of soap in the shower and the beds made and ready for guest.

I had to share this great photo of Anna sitting at the Purple Pickel..It made smile when I saw it.

The fabrics I am using for this project make me smile also. You know how much I love color so I am thrilled with these great fabrics...............

My job isn't all pretty things.......................

 Often it begins here or like this.  I guess that is why when the project is complete and it looks beautiful..I remember what it took to get to the BEAUTIFUL stage.
discovery and making a plan B

the cabinet are not worth saving because they are not wood inside and have begun falling apart...unexpected added expense but worth doing it right

old counter tops and sink

Stay tuned for more of the beautiful part!!!!!!!



Melissa Gurcan said...

Love the fabrics. I too am a color fiend and I look at your designs for inspiration constantly! Hope to drive up and see some of your cottages on Tybee in July while I am at St.Simons Island.

Vicky said...

Gorgeous fabrics! Love them!

Kathi said...

I remember an old house that looked a lot like your "ugly" photos! It takes a lot of time and MONEY to make them beautiful!!!
Lovin' those fabrics. Especially the striped and orange ones.

AndeM1 said...

The fabrics are amazing! I can't wait to see the finished cottage!!!!

Jane said...