Friday, November 29, 2013

A Few Cottage Bedroom on the tour....

a fun bedroom from Castle in the Sand cottage.
It was featured in Better homes and Gardens magazine and Color made Easy 
Here is Peckenpau on the dog bed in Paws and Paddles cottage( the perfect cottage for this fund raiser)

a bedroom with a Jane Coslick custom shutter headboard painted BEACH HOUSE
If you cant come on the Jane Coslick Cottage Holiday Tour for the Humane Society here are a few more bedrooms for you. If you are thinking of coming here are a few bedrooms to encourage you to come. In real life these rooms are happy,fun and fluffy.......
And speaking of fluffing....
We did decided to do something a bit different and challenging this year. I am taking a space that I did not design at the Blue Bird Inn (which the president of the Humane Society owns)  and with NO assistants and I are going to try and create Happy Colors and happy spaces three days!!!!
What can we do? ....We will have before and after photos of this wonderful place. It has an amazing view of Horse pen Creek.( my wheels are turning)
Here are a few more bedrooms from some of the 10 historic cottages ...

Happy Colors!

a wonderful bright bunk room
this is actually a Murphy bed.. that disappears into the wall

old shutters new life...

Peck wanted me to remind you how important the work of the Humane Society is to the animals..He said  it saved his life!!!
Bow wow and meow...  We will have so much fun on Tybee Dec 7th

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Progress Report..Southern Tides Cottage

I promised I would put updates of Southern Tides Cottage as things began to take shape.
Here is one  new master bedroom.

it once was an enclosed side porch
Here is  the family coming for Thanksgiving...I wanted to see the children's faces when they saw the bunk room and fort....So decided to share this...

  some of the 5 grandchildren as they arrived from Nashville

headed to see the "not quite done".. bunk room

we are adding curtains, shelves ,colors and painting the floor .
.I love all the original windows in the house.

I think they like it!!!

Testing out the new coffee table and playing with  the Christmas balls.

I have been working on Southern Tides Cottages and it will be ready for vacation rentals in  We  have been working to pull the great old but restored beach house together for the family's Thanksgiving Holiday.
(By the way did I miss Thanksgiving? it seem like everything is Christmas. Not certain about this. Looks like they are having the after thanksgiving sales today).
This is a progress report of what is happening ..bunk room, new master bedroom, new double queen room,new out door sleeping porch ,new swimming pool and lots and lots and lots of beautiful white paint(after the tour) .It will be on the  cottage tour DEC 7 in mid- renovation,,should be interesting  to say the least.!
The  clients their children and 5 grandchildren arrived at 2 yesterday  and loved everything we had accomplished  so far.
They pulled a trailer full of great furniture for the house and I know I will love everything that comes in the door.
More later...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Power of Pillows

As a designer, I try to create fun and unique things that are interesting and cost effective. A throw pillow makes a great statement  and the money invested can be minimal...(over over the top expensive)
A pillow can change a room.
A pillow can be the point of focus
Pillows are very important on daybeds for support.
Pillows can change so much easier than paint, wallpaper and furniture.
I personally use pillows to keep the focus on the positive and away from the negative
I am busy working on the new cottages for the upcoming tour for the Humane Society December 7th.Information and tickets sales information are at
I am donating pillows to the Humane Society so they can buy toys and blankets for the animals this winter.
Some pillow covers will be on sale at one of the cottages.. The.Blue Bird Inn.

Sometime events happen in one's life that puts things in a different perspective.
I am doing some shedding.. so drop by the pillow party...There will be pillow covers  and cottage books for sale. 

. I always recommend down inserts for pillow because they make the pillow conform to you and not make you want to throw them out of your way....They do however have to be fluffed from time to time.

the palm tree  euro shams are made from a shower curtain MY favorite pillows is in the center

day beds are like sofas..if you use enough pillows for support
(this is my happy place in Colorado)

a daybed can have lots of pillows( a basket near by for the pillows to rest in while it is being used as a bed)

a pillow made from a table cloth (Athropologie)

a mix of pillow textures for interest

this room with it's pillows is magic and you can sleep here if you want to
I use the tub at my office for storage of pillows recognize any of these?
pillows and paintings ..a great combination
a mix of colors and fabrics and great art!!!

a mix of colors on a white background

I look forward to seeing everyone on the tour. There are new and different cottage this year...

Friday, November 8, 2013

Color Made Easy

A wonderful beach house for a wonderful family is  featured in Meredith's current  Special interest publication called COLOR ME EASY. I love the photographs Richard Leo Johnson took of the house for the article.
An even greater thing... it is also going to be on the Jane Coslick Holiday  Tour fundraiser for the Humane you can experience it in "living color".
Try to come on the tour and help the animals and enjoy our quirky little island and these  quirky little (and big) island cottages. They are all different  and have never  been on the tour before.
Here are the pictures from the magazine. There are some wonderful and colorful  houses featured in this issue.,
 I was in the checkout lane at Lowe"s and just happened to pick up a magazine while wanting for my turn. What a surprise…it made my day!!! I am not crazy about the colors they pick for each page….but if you love the rooms and  have any questions just email me.
 NOTE: if you love a color in a photograph ,or your friends house, or on the Internet..have a sample made for your own space and paint it on the wall in a 4'x4' section..look at it day and night( artificial light tends to made colors more pale and washed out.

The view…and the Joe barstools….the deep blue sea is front and center and mesmerizing …all my happy colors is the site for the tour and link to buy tickets.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

2nd Annual Jane Coslick Holiday Cottage Tour

Hello everyone. This is Jane's friend, Crystal Dorsey with Roadside Rustic. I hope all of you have been enjoying this fall weather. I sure have. It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And then you know what that means, in less than eight weeks Christmas will be here. Along with all the holiday madness comes hectic schedules so I want you to mark your calendars for a very special date. I'm pleased to announce The 2nd Annual Jane Coslick Holiday Cottage Tour. This will be held this year on Saturday, December 7th from 10:00AM to 3:00PM. You can purchase your tickets at

For those of you that are new to Jane's blog, this is fundraiser that was started last Dec for the Savannah Humane Society's low cost spay and neuter clinic. 100% of the proceeds go for this wonderful cause. I had a blast playing photographer for Jane last year, and look forward to doing it again this year.

I was just at Tybee last week and spent some time with Jane. She was showing me some of the new cottages she has designed recently and I spotted the white, West Elm owl lamp that I love so much.  I first spotted it at her office back in the Spring of  2012.

Then when I went back in December I noticed it was at the Bead Cottage.
And last week, I noticed Hootie (yes, I named him) had been moved yet again. I told Jane, Hootie was really making his rounds. I was joking with her about where I would see him again for the cottage tour. And Jane replied "you never know" So we thought it would be fun for all of you that will be taking this tour this year, to be on the lookout for Hootie and be sure to take your photo with him. Jane will be posting some of her fav photos on here as well as her Facebook page.
And her he is again in another cottage. But I missed this. So friends be on the lookout for him. And don't forget to grab a photo. The tour was a huge success last year and we would love to make it even bigger this year.